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Evangelist Daniel John Lee

And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."
















































































Chapter 25 -- The Spanish Flower -- Epilogue

As the rainy, soggy month of November transitioned into the much colder, icy month of December, my weekend times with my children only grew warmer and more sweet.  Naomi began to sing songs about YahShua.  Isaiah and Elijah began to pepper me with questions about Torah.  All the evil of my x-wife trying to cut me off from my children was fading away.

Until one night, on a frozen December day, all that changed.

My xwife began sending me emails, threatening to cut me off from the children unless I agreed to stop reading the children the Bible and to stop singing praise songs with them.  Rather than responding to the ridiculous emails, I forwarded them to the judge.

On Dec 26th, after more than a month of wonderful, blissful visits with my children, Annika Lee refused to allow me to pick up my children.  She used the excuse that they were sick.  I told her that the court order still allowed me to take them and that I would ensure they would find rest at my house.  I finally called the police. 

"We will try to persaude her to follow the court order, Daniel, but ultimately there is nothing we can do.  This is a civil matter."

Though the grey haired officer attempted to persuade my xwife to follow the court order, she refused.  Frustrated beyond measure, grieved at being cut off from my children, I returned home in tears. 

Why would Annika be so hateful? 

Thanks be to Yah, He would help to heal my heart a few days later.  On the night of a total lunar eclipse over the USA, I asked a facebook friend of mine, Flor Lopez, to marry me.  She accepted my proposal.  And then just a few days later, I took an Amtrack train south from Portland to Los Angeles for a missionary trip.

Aboard the coastliner express, I passed out ministry websited cards to the lost and seeking.  I spent a few days with some dear brothers in the faith near Upland, California.  On my final day in California, I managed to witness to some rabbis in a very evil looking jewish synagogue in West Hollywood.

Flying back to Portland, I felt energized.  Surely, after a week, my xwife would come to her senses and I would be able to see my children once again.

That icy Friday morning in late December, Annika once more refused to let me have the children.  This was now her second time to show contempt of court and violate the court order.  Frustrated, I called the police, demanding them to do something.

Big mistake.

When the police arrived, they were very agitated with me.  After speaking to my x-wife, the officer marched back to me, snarling, "Were you disturbing neighbors with your shofar?"

"I was blowing it, yes.  For Hannukah."

The officer began to question the neighbors, but all of them said the shofar sound did not bother them at all.

When he returned, his face looked even angrier.  "Annika says you have a suspended license."

"She's lying," I said simply and handed him my license.  He did a check on it, and it came back good.

This time, the officer was fuming.  "Your x wife says you are not to pick up the children here at the house, but down the street.  You are violating the restraining order."

I tried explaining that the order had been legally modified to allow me to come to the house, but the officer had already withdrawn his cuffs.  "I'm taking you to jail, Daniel.  Let the judge sort it out."

Right at that moment, in slow motion, as the office reached over to grab me, my cell phone chimed.  I picked it up.  It was Anca.

"Anca, they are arresting me!"  I shouted frantically into the phone.

The officer, now spitting in rage, withdrew his taser and began firing electrical shocks into my stomach.  Over and over again.

I toppled inward into my car as I shouted into my phone, "Anca, PLEASE!  They are tasering me! PLEASE!  Dear God, do something!  HELP ME!"

The officer pulled the cell phone from my grip and smashed it.  Another officer began pummeling me with the tazer.

"Resist, Daniel.  Resist them."  Yahweh spoke into my heart.  That still, small voice.

"By the Blood of YahShua, I rebuke you officers.  You are in violation of Torah!" 

I stiffened my arms.  The police wound up having to send 14 officers just to subdue me and cram me into the squad car.  As they dragged me across the street, my skin ripping off against the asphault, I screamed out, "Isaiah, Elijah, Miriam, Naomi, Malachi and Simon . . .  I LOVE YOU!"

After multiple more tasers, and beatings, the police finally brought me to the jail and threw me into solitary confinement.

The six windows and a bar at its center formed a Menorah, reminding Yah was with me in this darkest of nights.

I was so cold.  Freezing.  Misrable.  Hurting.

But I lifted up my voice.  And sang to YahShua.

12 hours later, shivering in solitary confinement, I received a message to call a lawyer.  The lawyer had heard from Anca.  I managed to get Anca's number from him.  Then I called her from a cheap phone in the cell.

Five hours later, Anca, working with friends of the ministry and my new fiance, Flor Lopez, bailed me out of jail.

As I stumbled from the cold cell, the sherrif apologized to me for the false arrest.

It was at this point, Bogdan and Anca hired an attorney for me.

The attorrney gladly took the case, sharpening his legal prowess to devour my xwife, but when the lawyer told me that I would have to possibly agree to never teach my children Torah in order to see them again, I flew into a rage. He spoke from the same black spirit that had filled my xwife.

When I rebuked the attorney, he resigned.  Anca and Bogdan, very grieved with me, distanced themselves.  Friends of my ministry back to false accuse me.  I felt so alone.

But then Flor, which means spanish flower, came to the rescue.

A few days later, I flew from Portland to Washington DC, with the permission of the court.  I spent 3 days with Flor, meeting her mom and dad.  When her father agreed to allow me to take his daughter in marriage, all the pain from my broken relationships seemed to heal. 

Upon returning to Oregon, things went from bad to worse.  Many friends of my ministry turned on me, believing lies my xwife began posting on the internet.  She even said I had sex with multiple whores.  I was so very grieved.

Then,  after shabbat, not wanting to wait for the official wedding which was still two weeks off, Flor secretly agreed to fly me from Oregon to DC once again.  Her parents agreed to allow me to elope with their daughter in their home.  The marriage would take place with no one even knowing.

The night before the elopment, Anca brokenly made amends with me.  I received her back with relief and gladness.  Then, the relationship between me and James Reed, which had been shattered by my xwife and an article on headcoverings, began to heal.  Then even the hurt that had resulted between me and Rick from Alaska, faded away beneath the Blood of Yahshua. 

There I was, the night before my elopment.  Flor and I had paid off her car, and would take a 5 day missionary trip, driving through 12 states, to return to Oregon before my next court date.  We would pass out website cards along the way.  It would be a honeymoon and missionary trip all rolled into one.


Though my attorney had resigned, I knew Yah was with me.  He would defend me in court.  Yah Himself would be my lawyer.

As I prepared for the elopment, I realized Yah had worked out a beautiful miracle.  Due to use pushing up the wedding date to fall on the 14th day of the 10th Hebrew month, Flor Lopez would be with me when I faced Annika in court.  Larry Reed, my long time friend and Messianic minster would also join me. 

And, after our official elopment in the State of Virginia, we would get married again, just a week and half later, in Portland, so that my children would be able to meet their new mother.

The bitterness and evil of my x-wife was finally beginning to evaporate under the fierce probing Light of Love.  Of Yah Himself.

And a beautiful, tender, Spanish Flower had taken my xwifes place.

Like Job, all things had been restored.

For Love Never Fails.