Apparently the powers that be were none to happy with many of my posts, rebukes, exhortations and general exaltation of Torah and YahShua's Blood atonement, so facebook did the kind favor of terminating my acccount.  In all honest, I was rather relieved when it happened.  Now I can just put my full energy into maintaining this website and writing new articles, which, in combination with my open air preaching and witnessing, is more than a full time job.  In all honesty, facebook was becoming more and more of a burden, with me constantly have to deal with hypocrites and strange fire.

If you still wish to interact with me, you can always use the contact page on the website which will be directed to my personal email.  I try to always respond to MEANINGFUL emails.
Anyway, Yah bless!  And as for facebook -- GOOD RIDDANCE!

Apostle Daniel Yochanon Lee