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And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."


Article Number 3 :Exposing the Luciferian/Illuminati Ephraimite-Judah Deception


Please ONLY read this article AFTER reading Article #1: The False and True Temples and Article #2: Exalting the True Eprhaim/Judah Regathering


In the previous two articles, we have seen the absolute importance of staying away from the False Temple that is soon to be built, and to understand when the TRUE regathering of Ephraim and Judah occurs.


But what I am about to share in this article will show that 99% of the Messianic Jewish/Hebrew Roots movement as of 2010, is playing into the hands of those controlled by satan -- Yah rebuke him!


I need to stress, that as with King Saul in the Tanakh, and Judas Iscariot in the Brit Chadasha -- many of the leaders in the above movements I just described STARTED OFF RIGHTEOUS. We read how King Saul was A ZEALOUS RIGHTEOUS KING before giving in to the fear of man and following a path to the dark side. We read how all the disciples -- including Judas Iscariot -- “walked in one accord with YahShua”, before Judas began to slowly give in to a nasty habit of theft, and the grosser pride of believing he could force YahShua into a corner so that YahShua would kick Roman Empire butt and became King of the earth -- a good 2000 years before YahShua was supposed to.


King Saul also “jumped the gun” when he refused to wait for Samuel, but instead took it upon himself to offer up a sacrifice, in direct violation of the Torah.


This pride of “jumping the gun” -- not waiting on Yah -- but instead taking matters into ones own hands -- bringing about events through “the arm of the flesh” -- is what has caused the movements I am going to discuss in this article -- to go from righteous beacons of light, to peeping shadows of darkness.


Numerous scriptures throughout the Bible talk of the joining of the House of Judah and the House of Ephraim. One of the most prominent passages can be found in Ezekiel 37:15-28. It is upon these beautiful passages of scripture, that the Ephraimite-Judah doctrine (Two House Doctrine) has emerged. There is much truth in this doctrine. The House of Judah (Jews) will be merged together with the House of Ephraim/Joseph and will dwell in the land of Israel under the King of Kings.


If we continue reading Ezekiel 37, we see that, “And David my servant shall be king over them . . .” and we see “My tabernacle also shall be with them: yea, I will be their Elohim, and they shall be My people. And the heathen shall know that I, YHVH, do sanctify Israel, when My sanctuary shall be in the midst of THEM FOREVERMORE.” The reference to David is of course, the seed of David -- YahShua ha Mashiach Himself. And we see that, when Judah and Ephraim are joined together in the physical land of Israel, YahShua will be ruling as King over them, and that YHVH’s Tabernacle will be there FOREVERMORE.


Now contrast this with what Eddie Chumney, from Hebraic Heritage Ministries, believes:



During the tribulation period/Jacob’s trouble, the house of Judah (Judaism) and the house of Israel (Christianity) will be fleeing from the land of Babylon (America) and returning to the land of Israel. When both houses of Israel return to the land of their forefathers, the centuries of exile will be over. The house of Judah (Judaism) and the house of Israel (Christianity) will be one nation when they return to the land of Israel. They will be redeemed, restored, reconciled and unified in the land of Israel (Ezekiel [Yechezekel] 37:15-28). After this event happens, the Jewish Messiah (Mashiach) [yeshu] will set His feet on the mount of Olives and be King over all the earth (Zechariah [Zecharyah] 14:4, 9) and usher in the Messianic Age (Athid Lavo) teaching the Torah to the nations from the city of Jerusalem (Yerushalayim) (Isaiah [Yeshayahu] 2:2-3)."


Does anyone notice that Chumney has COMPLETELY OMITTED ANY REFERENCE to the resurrection?


Whereas YahShua Himself will descend from the sky and GATHER THE ELECT from the four corners of the earth unto Himself, before bringing them down to earth to rule over them FOREVERMORE -- Chumney takes matters into his own hands, and believes he (and others like him) must spearhead a movement in which both houses of Israel return to the Land of Israel, and once they have done this, the Jewish Messiah will set His Feet on the mount of Olives and be King. In other words -- YAHSHUA CANNOT LAND ON THE MOUNT OF OLIVES AND RULE -- until we flee from our respective lands and gather together in the land of Israel. What arrogance!


Through the “arm of the flesh”, this doctrine teaches that we must, whether through tribulation or “return to the land programs”, gather together in Israel so we can be ready for the Jewish Messiah to rule and reign.


Don Esposito of the Congregation of Yahweh states a very similar belief in a December 2008 letter:


“ . . . in order for Yahshua to return to the Mount of Olives, and to take the sticks of Judah and Ephraim in His hands and to make them one in the land, it stands to reason that both Judah and at least a remnant of Ephraim would have to be here in the land for that event to take place . . .”


Again, we see, YahShua CANNOT rule and reign as King until we ensure that Judah and Ephraim are gathered together in the land. Excuse me? How arrogant do we think we are?


YahShua Himself will gather His People at the First Resurrection at the Last Trumpet (Ezekiel 37, I Thess 4, I Cor 15, Revelation 11:15-19). This will include both Jews who love YahShua (Judah) and non-Jews who love YahShua (Ephraim). He will save ALL Israel, and will then descend to Mount Olives with His Resurrected Saints (House of Judah and House of Ephraim). He will gather us. He will send His angels to bring us together to meet Him in the air. YahShua will do it -- toward the end of the tribulation at the 7th Trumpet -- and to try and bring it about BEFORE then is the impetuous arrogance of King Saul offering that sacrifice by the arm of his flesh, refusing to wait for Samuel, the High Priest and Judge, to offer it.


The Luciferian/Illuminati plan to bring about the Third World War requires 3 strategies: 1. A false armageddon so that a false peace can emerge 2. A temple to be built in Jerusalem 3. And for all Judah and Ephraim to be gathered in the land of Israel.


Interconnected Web of Deceit


A few years ago, a man named Joel Bell, a Christian who avidly supports the nation of Israel, wanted to start an organization called the World Biblical Zionists. This organization would be for the specific purpose of linking the House of Judah with the House of Ephraim, by establishing political and economic ties that would allow believers to join with the Jews in the land of Israel.


Joel Bell became the campaign manager for Sagiv Assulin, a Jew running for the right wing Likud party to become part of the Knesset. Bell, wanting to launch the World Biblical Zionist organization, and finding a Jew who not only had the political savvy to possibly win a seat in the Knesset but also showed intense sympathy for Christians like himself, saw an opportunity to link Ephraim and Judah in a very real way. But Joel Bell needed money. So Mr. Bell began to court Eddie Chumney of Hebraic Heritage Ministries and Monte Judah of Lion and Lamb Ministries. Because both Chumney and Judah whole-heartedly support this heresy of trying to bring Ephraim and Judah together by the arm of their own flesh, they were easily persuaded by Bell to begin pouring funds into Bell’s ministry in order to establish the World Biblical Zionist organization. The fact that the charismatic Sagiv Assulin could also likely win a seat in the Knesset, also helped to show Chumney and Judah that this could really turn into something huge.


But things turned sour on Chumney and Judah. Joel Bell refused to disclose what kind of money was being poured into his ministry to establish WBZ, and dodged a number of meetings that Chumney and Judah wanted to have with Bell. Finally, Bell declared that only Israeli citizens living in the land could be on the Board of WBZ. It became clear to Chumney and Judah, that Bell had merely used their Messianic reputations to siphon money into his coffers.


Though Chumney and Judah officially and loudly cut off ties with Bell, they still believed Sagiv Assulin was a pure man with a pure heart and hoped he would win his election bid.


Sagiv Assulin did win a seat in the Knesset, and even gave a speech to many of his Christian Zionist supporters. In the speech, which you can see here:


Assulin asks the question -- why do you Christians have such a love for me and my people? A few from the audience shout out -- Ha Shem! -- Assulin smiles and nods in agreement, saying Ha Shem before declaring -- “because we all follow the same Book! This is why. We are both people of the book!” And the crowd goes wild, cheering, as Assulin lifts a Bible over his head. Of course Ha Shem is the Rabbinic “cover up” to avoid using the TRUE name of Yahweh and/or YahShua! When Messianics and Christians start using “Ha Shem” to not offend Jews, they head down a very dark and dangerous path of total compromise -- at complete odds with Apostle Shaul who refused to stop preaching the OFFENSE of the cross!


Assulin is a politician, and he knows exactly how to solicit funds from Messianics. But does Assulin actually believe in the Blood Atonement of YahShua? Of course not. If he did -- he would NEVER be allowed on Israel’s Knesset. Period. With deft political charm, Assulin, while denying YahShua, is able to win the Messianics and Christian Zionists to support him.


Here is what Don Esposito says of Assulin in a December 2008 letter:


“But Sagiv Assulin went even one step further and publicly stated that we are even more than allies with them for this great land that Yahweh has promised to the 12 tribes of Israel, and that we are not only allies, but brothers with them in this cause. This got a standing ovation from the some odd 300 people in attendance of both Judah and Ephraim.”


Brothers? Excuse me? Jews who DENY the Blood Atonement of YahShua are NOT -- I repeat -- they are NOT my brothers any more than a Muslim who denies the Blood Atonement of YahShua! It is clear that Esposito is caught up in the flatteries of this sly politician to bring about his own personal visions of returning people to the land of Israel.


Esposito continues in the same letter: “In the last week, I have been blessed to go with Joel Bell to meetings and to personally meet and speak with just about every top player that will be forming the next government here in Israel. I have met the men who may be the next minister of defense, foreign minister, minister of finance among other cabinet positions. I met such honored men as Gideon Saar, Yuval Steinitz, Silvan Shalom, and even Benny Begin, the son of the late Prime Minister Menachem Begin. All these men are on board with the Likud government in the plan to bring Ephraim back to help rebuild Zion.”


Excuse me? Where in all of Holy Writ -- does YHVH give us a “plan” to help rebuild Zion? No where. There is not a single verse. This is all a delusion in Esposito’s head.


Chumney and Monte Judah still avidly support Assulin and the whole concept ofbringing Ephraim back to the land of Israel to rejoin with Judah. However, they completely oppose Bell’s specific method of doing this. No problem. Bell found a new protege in Esposito. And Chumney and Judah will continue with their own respective ministries to bring about the same goal.


Monte Judah rejects the Book of Hebrews, and was taken to task by the First Fruits of Zion for this utter heresy. So Monte Judah is no stranger to heretical lies.


Unfortunately, First Fruits of Zion has recently become Laodicean, no longer believing Christians really do need to return to the Torah. The heresy of these ends times is spreading like a black cancer through every Messianic/Hebrew Roots organization.


The ministries that are friendly and well connected to both Chumney and Judah abound: Brad Scott from Wildbranch Ministries, Rico Cortes, Bill Cloud and Avi Ben Mordechai (who once AVIDLY peddled Kabbalistic materials but has become much more discreet about this in recent years). Many of Rico Cortes’ teachings seem to have a kabbalistic shadow upon them. But in any case -- ALL of these ministries have absolutely no problem with the Ephraim and Judah regathering in Israel. How do I know this? Because all of these ministries are recommended as teachers on Eddie Chumney’s website at


In early 2002, when I first discovered the black evils of kabbalah and that Avi Ben Mordechai openly promoted this in his 3rd Messiah book, a friend of mine shared a vivid dream with me.


In this dream, a huge ball of fire fell from the outer reaches of space and hit the earth. When this ball of fire hit the earth, it transformed into this terrible, hopping monster, frog-like, as it began to jump onto one Messianic ministry after another. Every time this monster leaped on one ministry after another, it shouted out the words -- CABAL -- which is a root word for Kabbalah.


Indeed, a cabal of wicked spiritual forces are beginning to link together in these end times, and will result in bringing millions of Messianics and Christian Zionists to the Land of Israel, linking hands with Jews who deny the Blood Atonement of Messiah. They will all bow in adoration to a most beautiful Messianic Savior that will shine with glory on the top of Mount Olives. This will be the anti-christ himself, sheathed in power from a newly fallen Satan that has just been shoved out of Heaven.


Michael Rood has many times been at odds with Monte Judah and most of the other ministries out there in his lone ranger, rough and tumble style. But even Michael Rood has been rendered spiritually impotent. In early 2010, as a participant on his forum, I began to see all manner of anti-Paul drivel promoted. It was Michael Rood’s Obama supporting daughter who allowed this strange fire to continue unchecked. Eventually Rood shut down the forum, but recently Glenn McWilliams has announced that Rood was granted a personal sabbatical to attend to personal family matters. Glenn McWilliams continues to use Rood’s name and continues to uphold Rood’s ministry, even though Rood has taken a sabbatical. And Rood himself doesn’t seem to have a problem with this at all. Now Rood is in the land of Israel, making such edifying “ministering” videos such as demanding that Israel nuke Syria in order to bring about divine prophecy. Oh, really? Since when are we called to demand nations to nuke each other in order to bring about Biblical prophecy?


When I first heard Michael Rood in person years ago, as edifying as I found him, there was one thing he said which troubles me to this day. In talking of the Temple which will be rebuilt in Jerusalem, he said it will be a wonderful thing and we should avidly support if not participate in the sacrifices/oblations performed at the Temple. (please see Article Number One)


The problem is -- this Temple will become the very seat of the anti-christ. Not only is Holy Writ clear on this -- but the Luciferians and Illuminati cannot wait for this event to take place!


The book of Daniel and Revelation not only speaks of the anti-christ taking his seat at this newly built Temple, but Jerusalem itself is described as “Sodom and Egypt” and will be the place where the 2 witnesses are murdered.


Israel and Jerusalem will become more and more evil, flooded with spiritual darkness, as we approach the time of the 7th Trumpet. Notice how almost EVERY SINGLE Messianic and Hebrew Roots ministry emphasizes how much we need to support the Jews and support Israel against the evil Palestinian and Muslim thugs. While I in no way support the Muslims and their hellish religion, I won’t blindly support Jews who DESPISE the blood of YahShua just to make myself feel good.


YahShua Himself will purge Judah and Ephraim. He, by the intense fire of His Ruach, is perfecting and purifying both Christians and Jews, (and Muslims for that matter), causing them to return to Torah and love YahShua with all their hearts. Why do we need to blindly support Jews who refuse to bow the knee to the Messiah? Does this somehow give us bonus points with YHVH? Absolutely not.


These Hebrew Roots ministries, Messianics and Ephraimites need to call the Jews (as with every other race in the world) to repentance! We don’t need to pat them on their backs, supporting their political campaigns, overjoyed that they are paving ways for us to bring about a prophecy that only the Messiah YahShua will bring about by the ARM OF HIS OWN STRENGTH when that last great shofar blasts throughout the earth!


As I said in an article from a few years ago -- the Messianic Jewish movement is dead. Now, I will go further. The entire Hebrew-Roots movement is dead. It is covered in a gross darkness that will enthrone the very anti-Messiah.


I, Daniel John Lee, will expose these wicked ministries, declaring that only through continued obedience to the Torah of Moshe and complete submission to the Blood of YahShua, will one inherit eternal life!


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