Torah Restoration Ministries

Evangelist Daniel John Lee

And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."


The Balustrade of Torah

Definition: (noun) A rail and the row of balusters or posts that
support it, as along the front of a gallery.
Synonyms: banister, handrail
Usage: She leaned over the balustrade, trying to see what was happening below.

As a balustrade protects a person from falling off stairs or a high platform, so too does Torah guard againjst us falling into the snare of Satan.

The ancient Jews referred to the Torah as a fence, a border that kept them safely within the confines of righteousness.  They later added the Talmud as a fence around the Torah.  The problem with the Talmud is not so much its intent, but that the Torah is already an effective enough balustrade against the roaming wilds of wickedness.

The Torah literally commands people to build a balustrade around a flat roof on a house to protect people from falling.  In a spiritual sense, the whole Torah fulfills the same purpose -- protecting its users against falling off the roof of life and into spiritual harm.

When Christians say the Torah has been nailed to the cross or disregard major portions of the Mosaic Torah, they are refusing the protective railing that was put in place by YHVH.  This is why so many well-intentioned Christians become spiritually dead, laden with a besetting sin or ineffective in reaching lost souls for Yah: because they are not protected from the pitfalls of life.

Torah is designed not to be a burden, but a reliable protection.  When we keep the weekly sabbath, unseen spiritual effects ripple outward from us in the spiritual realm, protecting us from the enemy in ways we cannot fathom.

I have seen women, undergoing deliverance from devils, have a head covering placed upon them, which literally causes the devils to scream in terror and torment.  That single command for a woman to cover her head causes the devils to tremble.  Think about what happens to devils who confront a person wholly submitted to every jot and tittle of Yah's Law.

I have heard a song recently by the Newsboys called "I Am Free" about the believer's freedom to dance, run, sing, etc.  I keep wanting to add a line that says we are free to keep the Torah.  Truly the Torah is the law of liberty, setting us free by casting up a barrier of protection against the enslaving influences of fallen angels.

I am not saying a Torah keeper is never tempted, but he does have a lot more in his arsenal of warfare and protection to stave off an attack.