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Evangelist Daniel John Lee

And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."


The Most Controversial Article I Have Ever Written


At approximately 2:30 this morning, Yahweh commanded me to get out of bed.

I did not want to do this, because I have a long, fun day planned with my 3 oldest children throughout the 1st day of the week (12/12/2010).  Yet Yahweh said -- Daniel, I will give you the strength to be with your children tomorrow, NOW GET OUT OF BED AND WRITE!!!




In order to be an authentic leader/teacher of the Hebrew Roots (Messianic movement), you must not only teach correct doctrine, you must OBEY what you teach.   The following specific ministries have FAILED to do this.


1.  Michael Rood -- to this day he continues to launch sales on his items, starting on Thursdays -- GOING THROUGH shabbat, usually ending on Sundays or Mondays.  This encourages people to BUY on shabbat.  Michael Rood REJECTS the correct Hebrew calendar in favor of the Yahshua-hating Nehemia Gordon who is an anti-christ devil.   Michael Rood FAILS the test.


2.  Don Esposito -- I have met Don personally and spoken to him one on one.  He chooses to HIDE his blue tzit tzit in his pants.  He will not show them outwardly when he is dressed in business suits.  This is WICKEDNESS.  He also is engineering a "return to the land" program where he is wickedly trying to gather Ephraim and Judah to the physical land of Israel, just as the Luciferians desire. Don Esposito FAILS THE TEST!


3.  Jim Staley -- Stephanie and Greg Ross gave me a DVD of this teacher last summer.  When I watched the DVD I was so amazed at how much awesome truth he was teaching.  Then, just a few weeks later, Jim Staley held a conference in Salem, Oregon -- only an hour south of where I live.  To my horror and dismay, I discovered Jim Staley flagrantly violated the shabbat by having hotel workers work for him and other members of his conference!  Jim Staley FAILS THE TEST!


4.  Rico Cortez -- He REFUSES to put blue fringes in his tzit tzit per Numbers 15:37.  Cortez FAILS THE TEST!


5.  Brad Scott -- During a conference he hosted this past summer of 2010, he openly and flagrantly SOLD ITEMS DURING THE DAY OF SHABBAT.  Brad Scott FAILS THE TEST!


6.  Scot Dryer --  In a personal confrontation I had with Scot Dryer, Scot said it was perfectly fine to violate the shabbat by having caterers and hotel workers serve lunch for a Messianic conference.  Scot Dryer FAILS THE TEST!!!! 


7.  Andrew Roth -- Andrew is a kabbalistic devil who openly and brazenly sells his book in order for the "uninitiated" to learn the so called "secret knowledge" he possesses.  Andrew Roth FAILS THE TEST!


8.  Eddie Chumney -- This man clearly teaches in his book that "yeshu"  (which is a curse word that Jews use to blot out the name of YahShua) will appear on the Mount of Olives once all of Ephraim and Judah have physically regathered in the land.  He is playing right into the hands of the Luciferians who desire this. Chumney FAILS THE TEST!


9.  Monte Judah --  This man is close partners with Eddie Chumney and believes in the same Luciferian devilish doctrine of physically trying to regather Ephraim and Judah into the land of ISrael in order to bring about the appearance of "yeshua" -- who will actually be the New Age Anti Messiah.  Monte Judah FAILS THE TEST.


10.  Bill Cloud -- Is listed as a recommended ministry on Eddie Chumney's website.  Thus, Bill Cloud is guilty by associating with Eddie Chumney's Luciferian beliefs.  Bill Cloud has not practiced righteous discernment or judgment.  Bill Cloud FAILS THE TEST!


11.  Joseph Dumond -- In a letter Dumond wrote in 2009, he also clearly says he supports and desires a regathering of Judah and Ephraim into the physical land of Israel.  He is playing right into the SAME Luciferian trap that Eddie Chumney is leading people into.  Joseph Dumond FAILS THE TEST.


12. Avi Ben Mordechai -- He used to peddle a very kabbalistic book called MEssiah 3, and he questions and puts doubt on the virgin birth of YahShua from Mary (Miriam).  Avi Ben Mordechai FAILS THE TEST!


13.  Moshe Conuchowski -- Believes in the lunar -- loony sabbath -- Moshe FAILS THE TEST!


14.  Norman Willis -- who is author of the book -- a post millenial return, in which he also advocates a physical regathering of Judah and Ephraim into the land of Israel -- which is nothing but a Luciferian lie that will draw people into "spiritual sodom and gomorrah -- aka Israel" to bow before yeshu or yeshua the anti messiah.



I, Daniel John Lee, by the power and authority of YahShua ha Maschiach, do declare that the above Messianic teachers and leaders are servants of the devil and, if they do not repent, will ultimately be destroyed by Yahweh.


Faithfully delivered on this 6th day of the 9th Hebrew month.


To learn more about the Luciferian false regathering of judah and ephraim please refer to this trilogy of articles:


In YahShua and ever defending His Torah against the hordes of the wicked one,

Daniel John Lee