Torah Restoration Ministries

Evangelist Daniel John Lee

And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."


Gelid Winds of Change

Definition: (adjective) Very cold; icy.
Synonyms: frigid, glacial
Usage: After only a few minutes in the gelid wind, they were shivering too hard to speak.

"The cold winds of change are blowing across Christendom, bringing with it the beautiful snow flakes of the Messianic Torah keepers.  We are going to cover that old, rotting house of pagan christianity that can no longer sustain itself.  We are going to cover the rotting, dead Bride in glory and beauty . . ."

                       ----- Apostle Daniel Yochanan Lee -- 2005

Last night as I was watching the weather channel, the anchor announced that no part of the country would escape the gelid temperatures that was about to blanket the lower 48.  In fact, the only place one could go that could be considered warm was south Florida.  Not even sunny California or hot and humid Texas was going to escape the cold today.  In fact Texas is due for a snow and ice storm as far south as San Antonio.

As I was pondering this phsyical manifestation of change swallowing our country, as the cold, artic winds from Canada are now finally, fully released across this nation, I began to imagine its spiritual applications.

The gelid winds of change, the snowflakes of Torah, the icy doctrine that at first is bone-chilling in its discomfort but then transforms even the bleakest landscape into glorious white, is beginning to sweep across this nation.

The snow of Torah has been falling from Torah Restoration Ministres Headquarters in California and has begun to blanket UCLA.  The snow of Torah has been falling up in Oregon from those few Philadelphian believers continuing to use what little strength they have to fight the tides of darkness.

The snow of Torah has been raging in Missouri, as Brother Chris Barr valiantly exalts Torah and health on radio programs and in ministry to Torahless churches.

The snow of Torah is falling in every major city across this land as Messianic Judaism is becoming the FASTEST growing denomination within Christainity.  As much as the pagan Christians fight against the Torah doctrine, the Torah-following believers are popping up everywhere, falling, falling, falling like the steady accumulation of snow.

What began as a single snow flake, a mild snow flurry that quickly melted in 1967, is now soon becoming a blizzard -- to the point that even loud-mouthed confrontational preachers are beginning to foresake their pagan christianity and embrace their Hebraic/Jewish roots.

Apparaently the enemy is so scared at what is happening that he has begun to try and bring Messianics into kabballah, the zohar and the Talmud, in a last ditch effort of squelching the revival of the Torah of Moshe he can see is on the horizon.

The cold winds of change.  The Gelid, ice-riddled, howling winds of keeping Torah have been blowing fiercly through your email boxes.  Is your own heart still cold and stubbornly opposed to this "change in the weather" or have you finally admitted that this Torah season is upon you and nothing you can do will stop it?

The Torah-centered gospel will not always be chilly, cold and snowy as it is now.  Once the whore of Christianity is covered in white, the Spring will come as many choose to follow the statutes in Torah and discover the newness of life inherit in the Torah of Moshe (Romans 7).

Will you participate in that new Spring?  You must first allow the snowy-winds of Torah to transform you, change you, blanket your nakedness in a robe of white, for you to be able to glory in the coming Spring.

Otherwise Yah will not accept you during the coming great revival, and you will find yourself on the outside looking in.

Yah has sent me to many on this list because many of you have been chosen and called to be leaders.  He wanted, one more time, to give you a chance and space of repentence, that you might still fulfil your destiny.

But if the leaders and priests on this forum still refuse Torah, as most of you have done these past 51 days, Yah will cease His striving with you and send me to someone else.  He does not NEED you, but He'd like to use you.

When Moshe failed to keep every jot and tittle of Torah, Yah sought to KILL Moshe.  Only his wife circumcising her son prevented the Ruach from destroying Moshe.  You see, if Moshe had been slain by Yah, Yah would have just raised up Aaron or Joshua or any number of other people that would have led His people from slavery into the promised land.

Yah does not NEED any of us.  He would like to use us, but He can always find replacements.

How about you, O vain pagan Christian and Messianic?  Will you step through the door of Torah, keep every jot and tittle of Torah, let the snow of change blanket your nakedness, and fulfil the destiny Yah has for you?

Or will you refuse the Torah, harden your heart, and allow yourself to be discarded as Yah exalts a replacement for you?

Either way, Yah WILL accomplish His thundering purposes.

The only question now remains: are you going to help Him accomplish them?