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And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."


How Smashing of Hollywood Pedophilia Fits Into Biblical Prophecy

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 The New World Order Smashed: How the Truth Movement’s Great Awakening Will Lead to the Great Tribulation of Revelation


In the words of Isaac Kappy, the man who has started a venerable revolution on exposing pedophiles in Hollywood, “the old magic is dead.” Indeed, the old magic is dead, or, at least, is in the process of dying.

These were the words Kappy told his friend, Claire Grant, wife of Seth Green, warning her that the whole pedophile ring in Hollywood would not only be exposed, but the abusers brought to justice and the secret of Hollywood brought to an end.

While the old magic is certainly dying, and the New World Order is crumbling, there is a new magic being born in its place, and it will be even worse than the old magic it is replacing.

I have no doubt Kappy and those who are seeking to expose the power players of pedophilia in Hollywood (I count myself as one in that noble intentioned army) will be successful. Anyone who takes a pulse of this nation senses that a shift is happening. Trump is tearing apart the old guard, deep state in D.C., child ring traffickers long protected by the CIA are being busted up and arrested, Hollywood is now being exposed by the likes of Kappy and others, the whole New World Order is coming apart at the seams.

But the Truth Movement, which is largely responsible for exposing the current New World Order, is not really the type of people we want ruling the world either.

Alex Jones, who exposes a lot of the evil in this present New World Order, is himself wanting to bring about a world of sovereign gods and a new age described by Trump in his inauguration speech. Steve Quayle, a so called Christian prophetic Truther who exposes much of the evils in the current New World Order, has a kabbalistic symbol featured prominently at the top of his page.

Kappy himself believes in reincarnation, which is a complete contradiction of what the Bible teaches.

There are two scenarios I see occurring. 1. The Truth Movement will be largely successful in its Great Awakening, bring the pedos in Hollywood and D.C. to justice, tearing down the current New World Order of the corrupt Catholic Church, corrupt Evangelical Protestant Church, and as the Deep State is smashed, a “better world” comes forth that in fact is a new New World Order that enthrones the very anti christ himself. Or, 2. The Deep State becomes so worried about losing control and being uprooted and exposed by the rising Truth Movement, that out of sheer self preservation and desperation, they launch a false flag such as a nuclear bomb destroying a major American City, introducing a third World War that not only demolishes the Truth Movement and itself, but out of the ashes of this third world war, a new New World Order arises which enthrones the anti christ.

The Pope and his corrupt Roman Catholic Church, the present day pedophile run Hollywood and D.C., the deeply evil CIA — all of these elements of the current New World Order will be destroyed. But herein lies the deception: people in the Truth Movement will believe that once this present New World Order is exposed and destroyed, victory is ours. When in actual fact, once the present New World Order is fully removed, that which takes its place will be the 3.5 year Kingdom of Satan that will be far worse than the current New World Order we are under.

This is not to say we shouldn’t do all we can to support the Truth Movement’s nobler goals. I feel we should do all we can to expose these rotten pedophiles in high places. But we must be aware that all of this is leading toward the smashing of the current New World Order and the rise of Satan’s replacement New World Order that will idealize many of the Truth Movement’s beliefs, but beliefs removed from Biblical Truth and Yahshua the Messiah.

The phoenix rising out of the flames is exactly what Satan’s New World Order will look like. It will emerge after the Truth Movement and the Deep State current New World Order destroy each other. Out of the ashes of that conflict, Satan emerges as an angel of light.

I daresay many in the Truth Movement whom we count as allies right now, will be used to persecute true believers in the coming New World Order. Satan’s man will be seen as a Messianic figure that enriches the lives of most on the planet and will be universally loved as he calls down fire from the sky and enables mankind to achieve far more than it ever was able to do under the dark ages of the current New World Order.

Once this current New World Order is smashed in the fires of the global Third World War, people will think “the antichrist” has been destroyed, Armageddon has unfolded, and now we are finally ready to enter into the peace and prosperity mankind has so long sought after. And, indeed, a False Millineum will begin, an age of unparalleled technological advances and prosperity overseen by the Messianic figure who will rule from Jerusalem and pretend to be the ideal of humanity, even while he is really the devil himself.

As I sit writing this in the summer of 2018, my speculation (for that is all it can be) on the timing of these events is over the next 7-10 years. I think the Truth Movement will continue to swell and grow for the next six years or so. By 2024, I think that WW3 will occur which will leave America destroyed and pave the way for the 3.5 Year Tribulation from 2024 to late 2027. We shall see if my timeline is correct.

Dominion Theologists and Reconstructionists believe that in order for Christ to return, Christians must take over society, such as the entertainment industry, politics, the schools, etc. The Truth Movement, in its good intentioned goal of exposing the present day evils in the entertainment industry, politics, the schools, etc are on a path to dovetail nicely with Dominion Theologists. The old Hollywood will be exposed and torn down, so that a new Hollywood replaces it. This new New World Order will be the one Satan himself rules over through his Beastly system.

One might say, how could the Truth Movement enable a society that gives full control over to the anti christ? Because the Kingdom of the Anti Christ will look noble, religious, glorious, good and wealthy. It will seem prosperous and beautiful. It will tolerate everything and everyone. It will allow freedom. Freedom from the so called restrictions and limitations seen in the Bible.

Do not think that just because many in the Truth Movement recognize the evils of the current New World Order and uphold noble ideals — that they themselves will not be deceived by the coming anti christ. The Bible says all shall love the Beast and be amazed by his great power.

Satan has taken many years and gone to great lengths forging this current New World Order we live under. But he has only done so with the intention of allowing it to fall, so that once it has, once people believe Satan has lost, he can then bring forth his real New World Order — one free from the CIA, the Hollywood pedophiles, the corrupt Roman Catholic Church, the corrupt world bankers — but one that is much more evil than the current New World Order we now live under.