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Evangelist Daniel John Lee

And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."


Investigative Reporting - Exposing Pedophiles 





March 2020


End the Fed, Navy Ships, Cheyenne Mountain, Reserves Activated, Dylan's 17 Minute Song, Prayers

USNS Comfort & Haiti, USN Watkins Ghost Detainee Ship, Police Raid Elite LA Neighborhood, DS Threats

DOJ Indicts Maduro, Vatican Worker & NBC CEO Have Coronavirus, Deep State vs Trump

POTUS, April 12th, Q Drop 79, Flynn's Yellow Sky, Google GITMO

Adrenochrome Harvesting in Dark Crystal, Monsters Inc, Twilight Zone, Court Removes Insanity Plea

JFK's Grandchildren singing Timber, Prince Charles, Patriot Boomerang

USNS Mercy/Comfort, Fauci Loves Hillary, Kevin Bacon Warns

Q Confirms COVID-19 Terrorist Attack, Pedowood Meltdown Clarified, Pelosi Backs Down

Army Officer & White Rabbit, China Organ Harvesting, CIA Split Into 1000 Pieces

More Pedowood Meltdown, Q Drops Define Coronavirus Ops Dates, Samoan Chief Satanic Pedophile Guilty

Do Not Fear Q Drop, Pompeo's Puzzle Tweets Bracket DeGeneres Tweet, Prepare to Land

Madonna Sings Pasta, Ohio Abortions Cease, David Spade Panic, Deep State vs Patriot Agenda

Blockades on Runways, Ellen Degeneres Codes to Tom Hanks, Playboy Shuts Down

POTUS Rushes Cure, Sex Trafficking Victim Rescued, Mexico Demands Border Security, More Google Truth

100% Cure for Coronavirus, Hanks & Bar Code Door, ID2020 Mark of the Beast

Florida Pedophile Ring Destroyed, Adrenochrome, Quake Damages Mormon Temple, Omaha Radio Hanks Rumor

Trump Unlocks Google, Madonna & Hanks, Fake News Praises Trump, Durham Probe Update

Hidden Enemy, COVID-19 vs The Flu, Alex Jones Sues POTUS, Satanic Museum Shuts Down!

Phase 1, Q's 10 Days of Darkness, DOJ Drops Mueller, Google Hacked

POTUS Press Conference, Madonna & Coronavirus, Sex Worker Industry Being Destroyed

Tainted Adrenochrome, Wuhan, POTUS to Pardon Flynn, Powell on Weiner's Laptop

Military Insider Pete: COVID 19 Update, Restraint on Expectations of Mass Arrests

Military Insider Was Right: China Blames USA for Coronavirus, Disney Shut Down, Mass Arrests?

POTUS Uses Coronavirus Leverage, 103 Year old Recovers from Coronavirus, Queen Elizabeth & COVID-19

Tom Hanks Coronavirus, Q, Europe Ban & March Madness, Green Q on Capitol Building

Field McConnell RELEASED, Craigslist Child Sex Trafficking, CA Gov Praises POTUS

Weinstein 23 Years in Prison, Exposing More Hoax Panic over Coronavirus, Naval Institute Confirms Q

Doctors Slam Media Coronavirus Panic, Protesters Surround Pornhub HQ, Ex-NFL Star Praises Trump

Feldman Names Charlie Sheen, FBI Raids Joe Biden's Brother Healthcare Business, Q's Silent Running

Afghanistan US Troops Start Coming Home, Justice for Ohio Pedophiles, New Q Drops

POTUS Tweets Q Quote, Deep State Pushes Coronavirus Fear, Prince Andrew Terrified

Crowdstrike Caves, Trump Sues CNN & NY Times, Indictment Unsealed on Obama Official, Q's Castle Lock


Staged Coronavirus, Q's Death Blossom, When to Play The Trump Card


Romney, Aspen & Child Sex Abuse, Bay Area Child Sex Trafficking , TN to Ban Drag Queen Story Hour

Schumer Reaps the Whirlwind, Michelle Obama Hosts Voter Rally, Dems Using Coronavirus For Money

Lawlessness in San Francisco, Schumer Threatens Supreme Court Justices, Pedophile Pastors Arrested

Graham Launches FISA Probe, Ukraine Goes After Biden, Trump Sues Washington Post

Border Wall Update, Company Harvests Young Blood, Black Pastor Exposes Planned Parenthood & HRC

Hillary Cancels Tour, Chris Matthews Crumbles, Oscar Winning Actor Accused of Pedophilia

Judge Orders Hillary Clinton Deposition, 232 Rescued from Human Trafficking, Teen Porn Survivor

Mayor Pete Helps Biden, Spielberg's Daughter Arrested, Comcast Pushing Teen Themed Porn


February 2020


Oprah & Madonna Fall, Collins Promises Criminal Charges Durham Probe, US & Taliban Peace Deal

Dow Plunges, Pope Struck With Coronavirus? Deep State Intends To Bring The Whole Thing Down

Several CEOs Step down, Trump Can Now Withhold Funds From Sanctuary Cities & States

Obama Whistleblower Found Dead, UK Independent Exposes Westminster Pedophilia, Lieber's Coronavirus


Weinstein Found Guilty, Coronavirus Means Arrests Are Imminent


Obama's Blago Subpoena, Dean Koontz Novel Predicted Wuhan Coronavirus, Carman's Trump Song

Latest Dem Attempt to Falsely Accuse Trump Fails

Illinois Pedophile Ring Smashed, Trump Threatens to Sue Mueller Investigation, PA Victory

Correcting Yesterday's Video Re: Blagojevich, Dems Destroy Each Other, More Q Drops

Trump Tweets Blagojevich Bait, Bloomberg Pulls a Biden w/ 11 Year Old Girl, Spielberg's Daughter

Blagojevich & Obama, Deep State Demands Barr Resign, Bloomberg & Epstein

Nygard & Prince Andrew, Boy Scouts Filing For Bankruptcy, Bikers Against Child Abuse

Soros Ordered Obama to Investigate Trump, Volunteers in Ohio Combat Sex Trafficking

Corey Feldman to Expose Hollywood Pedophiles, Nygard Canadian Clothing Manufacturer Faces Pedo Suit


DOJ Opens New Investigation into Comey, McCabe, Strzok


Bigger Slam Dunk Charges, Bloomberg & HRC, POTUS Deploying Elite Tactical Agents

McCabe Will Face Justice, Durham After Brennan, Barr & Trump Theater

Schumer Panics & Barr Grins, Field McConnell Update, Georgia Pedophile Ring Smashed

How Jussie Smollett Case is Connected to Child Sex Trafficking, New Q Drop

Trump's NH Rally, DOJ on the Offense, CA & WI Pedophile Rings Smashed

Trump Scrubs 70 Obama Hold Overs, Charlie Chaplin a Satanic Pedophile

Pakistan Resolution Public Hanging of Pedophiles, Numerous Predators Arrested, Mayor Pete Exposed

500 Arrested in CA Human Trafficking Sting, Dark Web Facilitator Pleads Guilty, New Joe M Video

Official DOJ Doc Confirms Pizza Gate, Biden & Chinese Treason, POTUS Declares War on Deep State


Trump Acquitted, Romney Exposed, Protesters Disrupt Biden


State of the Union, Pelosi Rips Up Speech, The Best is Yet to Come

Lysol & Coronavirus, Ohio Pedophile Ring Busted, Oregon DHS Case Dismissed!

Iowa Caucus Meltdown & Q's Define Shadow, 1000's of Obama Docs Under Review

New Trove of Epstein Files Released, GOP to Investigate Hunter Biden, Huge Victory in South Dakota

Trump Speaks on Coronavirus & Tweets "State of Kansas" Q Proof, Schiff in Full Panic Mode!

Coronavirus Big Money Maker, L.A. Church Human Trafficking, Longest Ever Smuggling Tunnel


January 2020


POTUS: Eradicate Human Trafficking, Father Rebukes Drag Queen, Brennan's Ukraine Holocaust

Biden Linked to Whistleblower, 42% Black Support for Trump, Netflix the Keepers, Riverside Q Conf.

Bolton Book Contains Classified Info, Hypothetical Exposing Mitt Romney, Shadow Trafficking Outfits

New Q Drops: Brexit, Epstein, Adam Schiff Salacious Photos, Durham and NJ Trump Rally!

Deep State on Trial, Mexico Pays for Trump's Wall, Kobe Bryant's Date of Assassination

Coronavirus Fear Mongering, Kobe Bryant Connected to Epstein & Clinton Foundation

Trump Lawyers Shred Schiff, Coronavirus Cured, Deep State On The Run

Q Marker Coronavirus, Flynn Update, Pompeo's Tweet & Q State Funeral

China Coronavirus: Deep State's Next Move

Q Drops: Satanic Pedophiles Impeachment Their Last Block to Justice


Q: The Shot Heard Around the World


  False Flag Jan 20th Richmond, Queen of Illuminati Targets Me?

Disney Demons, VA Governor Declares Emergency, Mark Levin Follows Q

Iranian People Want Peace, Wall News, 21 Cadets Expelled for Child Porn, Iran Revival

Iranian People Protest Ayatollah, POTUS Tweets Farsi, Vaccines Fail Again, Origins of Public Schools

MSM Lies About Huber's Investigation, Twitter Gives Platform to Pedophiles

Drag Queen Story Hour, Soleimani's Ring, John Grisham Defends Pedophiles

Trump Wall Victory, NY Columnist Child Porn, Ginsburg Back From the Dead

OR CPS Abuse, CA Protecting Pedophiles, Dance Moms Sexualizing Children

Obama Paid Iranian Missiles Result? Zero US Casualties

Iran, The Deep State & Trump's Plan for Peace

Graham Hints About Iran Bio Weapon, Golden Globe Gervais Monologue More Views Than Actual Show

Ron Paul Attacks President Trump Over Missile Strike

Ricky Gervais Exposes Hollywood Satanic Pedophiles at Golden Globes

Iran General Soleimani Possessed Bio Weapon & Trump Destroyed Him

Ghislaine Maxwell Hiding in Israel, Deep State Trying to Start a War, Ron Howard Hates Trump

Abcug Set Free, 1332 CEOs Step Down in 2019, Mother Theresa Implicated Again in Pedophilia



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