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And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."



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December 2021


More Info on GITMO Courtroom, Prince Andrew Panic, Fauci's Jaw Dropping Admission

Pilot Sues Over Vax, Pentagon Builds New GITMO Courtroom, Dr. Malone Urgent Warning

Judge in Maxwell Case Orders Unsealing of Prince Andrew Agreement, Dershowitz In Full Panic

Covid 19 Narrative Collapsing, CNN Producer Resigns, FAA Violating Its Own Guidelines

Vaccine Push on Children, Pfizer Partnered with China, People Waking Up

Juror Questions Reveal Direction of Maxwell Trial, NYC Crackdown, Pope Death Accidentally Read

CBS Admits Covid-19 Policies Hurting Children, Dorsey Blocked on Twitter, New Yorkers March

Israel Rises Up, South Africa Ends Covid Tyranny, MSM Beginning to Report Dangers of Vaccines

Trump's Past Tweets on Vaccines, Patel Patriot's Newest Part 15, The Righteous Lie to Preserve Life

Blank Moderna Insert, Aussies Form Barricade, 40 Pedos Arrested, 2021 Record Year Saving Babies

In the Prophecy of Zechariah 14: Will We Be Celebrating Christmas or The Feast of Tabernacles?

Kamala Met With Hillary Last Month, Copeland the Pedophile, Whistleblower on Disney

WHO Director Makes Jaw-Dropping Admission, 41% of Dems Now Say 2020 Cheating Occurred

SC to Review Biden Vax, S.A. Omicron Wave Subsiding Rapidly, Fairfax Police Ran Sex Trafficking Ring

JonBenet Ramsey Case Resurfaces Just as Maxwell Trial Nears End

Trump & Vaccines: What is Really Going On?

Rep Jordan Exposes Fraud, Trudeau Flippantly Tramples Canadian Rights, Manga Pedo Arrested

Epps & Jan 6th, Romania Erupts, School Vax Mandate Struck Down in California

Soonhe Young: Sold Into Human Trafficking Slavery and How I Escaped

Durham Investigating Clinton Campaign, Omicron Spin, Trump Says Only Jesus Can Save Us

2022, The Hebrew Alphabet, 11.3 & Scavino's Post, How Trump Returns

Dr. Malone: God's Gift is Omicron & It Will End Covid-19, Deep State Strikes Back, Pray!

Warrant Issued for Baldwin's Gun, Maxwell Trial Update, CPS Abuse of Power

2nd CNN Pedo Exposed, Smollett & Obamas, PA Strikes Down School Mask Mandate

Veteran Arrested in NYC Cheesecake Factory, Many Child Sex Trafficking Arrests, People Waking Up

Trump's Return: Parallels Between WW2 Phillippine's Exiled Government & Trump

Fauci Admits Vax Makes People Worse, Daniel Andrews Ordered to Court, Sick Ad Targeting Children

Why I No Longer Celebrate Christmas: Bible, Historical Origins & Puritan Practices

Patriot Hackers Ending Covid Hoax? New Epstein Photos Released, Atlantic Writer is Sickening

Post Office/FDA Holding Ivermectin Packages, CVS & Bill Gates, Evil NZ Prime Minister Pushing Orgies

MSNBC In Total Panic, Aussie Fights Back, Hackers Delete Vax Brazil Info

Fauci Doll Murdering Trump, Brian William's Farewell, Purdue Joins Voter Fraud Lawsuit

CNN Producer Arrested for Pedophilia, Assange Centerstage, Musk Pushing Brain Microchips

Smollett Verdict Ties to Child Sex Trafficking, Israel's Tyranny Rising, Oct 2019 Pandemic Plans

Pastor Exposes Osteen, Beast Built in front of UN, NC Parents Find 100 Obscene Books in Schools

COVID-19 Endgame, 2008 South Park Predicts China Election Fraud, US Senate Nixes Mandate

Brazilian President Defies Vax, Vietnam CDC Director Stops Vax, Trump On Supersonic Missiles

WHO Now Opposing Vaccines, Antifa Militants Arrested, Microchips Merging with Vax Passports

Trump Endorsing a RINO, Kim Clement's Pope Francis Prophecy, Q's Statement on Aliens

Omicron to Cure the World? Trump Teaming Up With Rumble, More on Gavin's Injury

Sony VP Fired After He Solicits Child for Sex, Brisbane Quarantine Camp, Omicron Unplugged

Local 2020 Election Overturned, Cash Found in Wall of Osteen's Church, 6th Circuit Rebukes Biden

Wexner Steps Down, Epstein Visited Clinton 17 Times, Dr Murdered After Exposing Jab

ABC News Panic: Roe V Wade Will Be Overturned, Specific Details on Trump's Dealings with Epstein

Clarifying Trump & Epstein and Flynn's Q Remarks, Manson's Home Raided, 2nd Blocked Mandate Victory



November 2021


Judge Blocks Healthcare Mandate, Epstein Flight Logs in Courtroom, Victory for Pastor Pawlowski

Twitter Dorsey to Step Down, Maxwell Trial Begins, Lindell Accuses McDaniel

Big 3 Automakers Defy Vax Mandate, India Charges Bill Gates w/ Murder, Biden & Child Trafficking

More Details on Slovenia Vax Scandal, SOS from Northern Australia, Overturning of Roe V Wade

Lindell's SC Complaint, Vaccine Scandal in Slovenia, 30 AZ Child Sex Crime Arrests

Maxwell's Family Panicking, WI Sheriff Files Criminal Charges on Election Fraud, Armor of God

Senator Says Harris Will Be Replaced, Maxwell's Accomplices, Disney World Hits Pause Button

Pope Under Investigation, Elites Horrified Over Coming Maxwell Trial, Trump's Return & Prophecy

Election Fraud on Video in PA, Philippines MegaChurch Indicted for Sex Trafficking, Devolution

FL To Protect Workers from Vax, Tide is Turning in Court Battle, Call to Prayer & Fasting

Rumors of VP to Be Replaced, Presidential Seal Blurred Again, 5th Circuit Blocks OSHA Permanently

Kirsch Bets Newsom 1MM, FL Considering Withdrawal from OSHA, Heart Attack Drug in Vax

Hundreds of Children Refusing School Mandate, Fauci Admits Vax Doesn't Work, WaPo Changes Tune

Court Affirms Stay Blocking Mandate, Q's Snow White & Barclays, OK National Guard Refuses Mandate

Little Girl's Victory Over Florida School Board, CDC Devastating Admission, TX Porn Purge

LA Firefighters Sue, PA Court Strikes Down Children Mask Mandate, Rittenhouse Judge on Fire

Newsom Oddities, Schiff Squirms, Lawless White House, Graham's Vax Injury

Newsom Injured by Booster Shot, Thousands Protesting in L.A., Hollywood Producer a Pedophile

Many More Indictments Coming, Durham Investigation Goes to Highest Levels, Biden Seal Blurred

5th Circuit Blocks Biden Mandate, VA Megachurch Pastor Charged with Pedophilia, Biden Diary Verified

Durham Drops the Hammer, Youngkin A Globalist???, OH To Outlaw Abortion

How VA Overcame Voter Fraud, NJ vs VA, Red Wave Hits PA, NH, NY and Seattle

The Tide Is Turning, Red Wave Sweeps the USA, MSM Turns Against Fauci

No Deals for Ghislaine, CEO Tied to Epstein Steps Down, Musk Exposes UN Child Sex Ring

American Cancels 600 Flights, 12,000 Military Members Refuse Mandate, Montreal Cries Out to God

I Did NOT Abandon Deborah, Nor Did I Leave the Marriage -- Responding to My False Accusers



October 2021


102 Arrested in Human Trafficking Sting, Wall to Be Completed, DC Judge Bars Biden Firing Unvaxed

Cuomo To Be Arrested, Clinton Operative Arrested, WI Voter Fraud Proven by Sheriffs

Explosive Durham Developments, Cargo Ships Subject to Confiscation, UK Boris Admits Jab Doesn't Work

Open Borders Child Trafficking, Lawmakers Demand Fauci Arrest, NYPD & FDNY Rise Up Against Tyranny

Biden Extends Trump's EO, La Palma Grid Earthquakes, Natural Immunity & the CDC

Cargo Ships & Trump's EO, Woman Killed by Baldwin Linked to Durham Indictment, Pfizer Parasites

Durham, Baldwin Kills On Movie Set, Trump To Launch Platform, 80,000 People Praise Yeshua

OK Gov Stands Against Vax, Italy Port Workers Threaten Deep State, NYC Protests

Cargo Container Build Up, Pfizer Director Flees, Bill Clinton's Ailing Health

American Airlines Uprising, NBA Star Refuses Vax, 100+ OH Clergy Refuse Mandate, Israel Rises Up

Judge Restrains United Airlines, Major Coverups, Victory in NY, Brave UCLA Anesthesiologist

TX Bans Mandate, SW Airlines Continues Revolt, The Precipice

SW Airlines Walkout, 16 Year Old Defies Masks, TX Heartbeat Law Reinstated

Twitter Bans Me, Durham Probe Widens, Multiple Lawsuits Against Tyranny, People Rising Up

Biden's Elusive EO, Pole Dancing for 7 Year Olds, LA Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Mandate

Engineered Forms in Blood, 200 Human Traffickers Arrested in OH, Biden Targeting Parents

Durham's Deadline, Evil FB Whistleblower, Veritas Exposes Pfizer then Head of NIH Resigns

Strzok & Page Cooperating with Durham, NY Hospitals Refusing to Release Babies, Biden's 666

WH Lit Red & Scavino Posts Red Wave, Tentacled Creature in Vax, Polk Pedos Arrested

Defense Contractor on Mandate, Section 666 in Budget Bill, 5 Year Old Bleeding from Covid Test



September 2021


Durham Issues New Subpoenas, More Evidence of Mandate Hoax, Sydney Crackdown

FOIA Request to Expose Biden's Child Sex Trafficking, Vax Mandate a Con, FB's Election Interference

Treadwell Gold Mine Ruins in Alaska From 1880's

Major Satanic Pedophile Taken Down, Federal Judge Blocks NYC Mandate, Lunacy of the Plandemic

Durham Probe Grows Wider, VA Mom Exposes Pedophilia Taught in High School, Hillary Booed

AZ Audit Released -- Where Do We Go From Here?

Leak of AZ Audit Enough to Decertify Election, Trump Claims Crimes Committed, PRAY!

Dramatic AZ Audit Report , FDA Economist Calls For Nazi Plan, Anal Sex In Middle School Library

Huge Drama in Maricopa, Epstein Update, Pfizer Chief Scientist Warning to the World

Federal Nurse Speaks Out, FDA Says Vaccines Are Killing People, Thousands Rally in Hawaii

Mysterious AZ Investigation, Container Ships Off Cali, Student Testifies to Horrors in Public School

Hiking in the Alaskan Wilderness with Daniel and Deborah

AZ Senate Scores Huge Win, Disney Employees Protest Inside Park, Aussies Break Through Police Line

AZ Audit 9-24-21, Durham Indictment Leads to Clinton, Obama Purchased Aborted Baby Heads

Judge Blocks NY Vax Mandate, Rapper Opposes Vax, FBI Protected Pedo Nassar

Satanic Pedophilia in Downtown Juneau

Fraud in Cali Recall, OH Mayor Accuses School Board of Child Porn, TX to Build 700 Miles of Wall

Breathtaking Mist and Fog Over Alaska Lake

TX Abortion Ban Saves 1000 Babies So Far, VAERS Proves Skyrocket in Jab Deaths

Massive Juneau, Alaska Rainbow

Children Punk Biden, Prince Andrew Served, Q Bridge Lady Passes Away

AZ Audit Report Next Week, Trump Visits 17th Precinct, New List of Law Firms to Help You

The Patriots Strike Back: 19 States Refuse Biden's EO, World's Worst Pedo Arrested

Biden Mandates Jab, China to Take Over US Base, French People Storm Food Court, Aussie SOS

AZ Canvas Results Released, Finchem Demands Recall Of Electors, Cali Recall Election

GITMO Expanding w/ Military Trial Court, France Backpeddles, Decertify Election Petition Surging

Rogers: AZ Audit Is Coming, List of Attorneys to Help You, FL Diner Hero

More Voter Fraud Exposed, True Nature of Abortion, Police & Firefighters Sue OR Gov

AZ Audit Release End of Sept, WI Audit Launched, 18 Pedos Arrested, Huge Victories This Week

AZ Report in 2 Weeks, Adults and Students Rising Up Against Tyranny, Antifa Teacher Fired

AZ Audit Update, WV Gov: 25% Increase in Vax Deaths, More Than 1/3rd of Dems Want Biden Gone



August 2021


Riding the Juneau Sky Tram

Why Trump and Q Are Not Controlled Opposition, 102 Arrested in Massive Human Trafficking Sting

UK Forcing Children to Take Jab, 90% Americans Concerned About Voter Fraud, Robert David Steele Dies

L.A., Olympia, Paris and London Rise Up, Trump Destroyed Their Plans, Clapton Releases Protest Song

Renewed Calls for 25th Amendment, Japan Suspends Moderna Vax, NYC Patriots Rise Up

Covid Ankle Monitors Forced on Children, MI Parents Rise Up, Global Child Sex Trafficking Cartels

FDA Confusion, WI Forensic Audit, 1000 Afghan Terrorists Imported Per Day

Clarification on FDA Vax Approval, Why Trump Pushes Vaccines, Audit Report Delayed

Pulitzer on AZ Audit Report, FDA Approves Vax, Trump Points to West Point Speech

AZ Audit Report Finished This Week, 25th Amendment, Military Intervention, Trump's Return

AZ Audit Report Update, Law Professor Resists Tyranny, Twitter Child Porn Lawsuit Moves Forward

AZ Audit Report Release on Friday, MSM Turns on Biden, Hospital Removes Patients On Transplant List

Trump Talks of Cabal, France, Russia and USA Resist Tyranny, Disabled Man Arrested for No Mask

Power of God at AZ Audit, China Threatens Taiwan, FEMA Trucks in Seattle, 9 Children Rescued

AZ Audit Report Release Next Week, MSM Admits Election Can Be Overturned, Fallon Named in Lawsuit

Massive Protest in Canada, Patriots Storm Oklahoma Capitol, 9000 Lawsuits Against Pedos

Detroit Election Connected to Internet, Parents Storm TN School Board, Election Integrity Caucus

Lindell Attacked, Symposium Infiltrated, Internet Used in Elections, Stefanik Demands Cuomo Arrest

Lindell's Whistleblower Has Offices Raided, Airlines Refuse V@x Mandates, Revival in Portland

Cuomo Resigns, DeSantis Witholds Paychecks, Prince Andrew Sued Over Pedophilia

Ballots Altered in GA, NY Protest, Americans Rising Up in NV, AR

Update on Northern State & New England Home Fellowship Road Trips

AZ Audit Update, Lindell Rips CNN Host, 2 Brave Nurses Fight Tyranny, 800 Protest in MI

82 Pedos Arrested, Hillsong Pedophilia, 14 Year Old Biden Accuser, 3 Disney Pedos Arrested

Clay Clark Interview: 666, Luciferase, COVID19, Matthew 24

Q Warned About Maricopa, More Dominion Whistleblower News, Trump Is Still President

Sen Rogers Demands Arrests, Trap Is Set, Dominion Whistleblower, Cuomo Going Down

Elections Expert Affirms Trump Won PA, MI, WI, NV, AZ, GA, MN, Clapton Takes A Stand

Trump Hints At Soon Return, Late Night Drop Fraud, Stella Sues CNN, Child Sex Abuse at Border



July 2021


June 2021


May 2021


 April 2021


March 2021


British Sign Surrender at Moore House at Yorktown

 Biden's Pipeline EO Being Ignored, Washington Times Questions Biden Presidency, Pedophiles Arrested

Merchant Square at Colonial Williamsburg

Holy Spirit Opening Doors, Renewed Vision from Patriot Meeting Last Night, Traveling the USA

17 Patriots Meetup in Williamsburg,Virginia

Williamsburg Governor Palace 1776

Blacksmith Shop 1776 Colonial Williamsburg

Carriage Ride in 1776 Colonial Williamsburg

Sunset on the James River Near Williamsburg


Historic Jamestown: Cry for Revival


Patrick Henry Historic Sight: I Am Holding A Patriot Meetup Thursday Night in Williamsburg

President Trump's State of the Union Address



February 2021


Clarification on Durham & Upcoming Travel Plans

Special Purim Edition: CA Victories, Major AZ Election Victory, Durham to Step Down, Yah in Control

Great Pain Births Spiritual Awakening, Biden Admin Exposed on Power Grid EO, Greene On Fire!

Missing SOTU Address, Gen Flynn Comm, POTUS CPAC Marker, Plan Working Perfectly

No Marine in Front of Oval Office, NH Votes 24-0 to Audit Election Fraud, Sidney & Lin Fight On!

Another SCOTUS Betrayal, Dems Reverse on Election Fraud, 37 Pedophiles Arrested


Update on 2-19 SCOTUS, Prophetic Implication of Global Snow Storms, Mantle of Elijah


Q Awards, Texas Dark Winter A Chinese Attack, Minneapolis Circle Jerk

Biden's Plane Lacks AF1 Call Sign, Trump Not Done with 2020 Election, Aborted Babies in Vaccines

SC House Bans Nearly All Abortions, Harris Takes Over Biden, CNN Paid Antifa Agitator

Trump vs Biden Reception, More on Virginia Voter Fraud, Plandemic, Vaccines & Pedophilia

Justice Needed, Myanmar Removes Central Bank Chief, Flynn, Powell & Linwood Keep Fighting

President Trump Acquitted, Accountability is Coming, New Virginia Election Fraud

DS Admits Fear, Tons of Pedophiles Arrested & Children Rescued, Scavino's Hint

Dems Fumble in Impeachment Trial, Epstein Maxwell & 11 Year Old Girl, CA Recall

Myanmar Military Raid Headquarters, Impeachment Trial Day 1, More Netflix Pedophile Arrests

More Comms, Call the Ball, Flynn's Most Recent Words Exposing DC Pedophiles

Super Bowl Comms, Strange Hologram in DC, SNL & Pizzagate, Purim Boomerang

Flynn's Interview, 20 Million Views on Explosive Lindell Doc, Feb 19th, March 4th


The Greatest Show on Earth


100% Proof Trump is Still President, The Trap Trump Set That No One Expected, Victory!

Flynn Relocates to Florida, ND to Nullify Biden's EOs, 41 Hollywood Stars Exposed

Biden Has Totally Lost Control, More Epstein News, Newsmax Exposed

Myanmar's Military Move, The Divine Hand of God, Scavino Points To Child Trafficking

President Trump's Next Move, More Busloads of NG Troops, Lincoln Project Pedophilia



January 2021


Timing is Everything, X22's SuperBowl, Purim Approaches, March 4

Biden the Nightmare, Populists vs Hedge Funds, Victim of Child Abuse Speaks Out

Epstein Files Unsealed, Obama's Pedo Moral Compass, Merck Stops Vaccine

Trump On the Move, 6 AG's Warn Biden, 12 Million Child Sex Abuse Cases from FB

Military Salute Clarified, East Coast Internet Outages, Juan O Savin

Mar-A-Lago Winter White House, Ashley Biden's Diary, McCarthy Rebukes AZ Republicans

Biden's Signatures, Flynn's Younger Brother Promoted, Predator of 245 Children Stopped

Mass NG Troops to DC, Lights Out, FB Bans Bible but not Child Porn

Dominion Sues Giuliani & Powell, Vaccines Violate Nuremberg Code, Impeachment

NG Troops in DC Till Mid-March, Biden's Fake Desk, Patriot Party

33 Children Rescued, Military Is The Only Way, Matthew 13:58

Biden EO's Fake? Castle Rock White House Stage, Praying for a Miracle

Even More Troops Pour Into DC, Pompeo's 1384 Days, Former Vatican Officials Sentenced

It's Not Over, Belligerent (Illegitimate) Govt 11.3 Statute, Purim Event


Flashlight of Truth, Keeping Our Eyes on Jesus, Where Do We Go From Here


Declass Confirms Marker 1 Set, New EO, The Only Way is the Military

Last Movement Advantage, CIA Haspel Resigns, Ghislaine Records

Military Transition of Power, 2000 US Marshals, 11.3, 11.4, 11.6

Pelosi in Total Panic, COGCON2, The Sicilian Defense

Pompeo's Naval Ships Tweet, Declass Begins, Red Carpet Rollout

Red1 Through Red6, Checkmate, Rash of Suicides & Deaths

Trump Orders Obamagate Declass, Pompeo's Six Red Lines, Calm Before the Storm

DS Fears Declass, War Like Posture Activated, the Trump Card

Jan 19th, 1871 Corporation of the USA, Two Italy Ministers Resign

Jan 11th EO 13959, Standing at the Precipice, Americans Rejecting Impeachment & Censorship

Blackouts in Iran, Pelosi Missing Yesterday, Trump's Alamo Speech & Countermoves

Trump Declares DC Emergency, Project Veritas Exposes Deep State, Trump to Speak Today

Pompeo's "Flurry", 10 Days of Darkness, Lincoln Project Predator

Pelosi's Laptop, Major DC Military Activity, Moves & Counter Moves

Monkey Werx Claims POTUS Has Signed Insurrection Act

Vatican Blackout, Italygate, Giant Voice Military System, Next 11 Days

POTUS Call Sign "Night76", CASTLE_ROCK, AF1, Buckle Up


Trump's Speech, Pence's Test, The Antifa Staged Event -- Victory Is Ours


Part 3 of DC Rally March Jan 6 -- The Actual Marching

Part 2 of DC Rally March Jan 6 Interview with a Patriot

Preaching at DC Trump Rally Jan 6

Short Update -- Just Landed in DC

Change of Plans: I'm Going To DC, Biden Cancels Inaugural Parade, Forcing Contingent Election

Sir, Game On -- 12 Senators Join House Members to Object, Lin Wood & Pence

140 Republicans Join Hawley, GA Emergency 1/4 Hearing, Roberts and Adoption Details



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