Torah Restoration Ministries

Evangelist Daniel John Lee

And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."


Isaiah 25 and a Fictional Retelling

I was just reading and meditating on Isaiah 25, a chapter which basically repeats the same information that Yochanon pens in Revelation 19, 20 and 21. Surely Yochanan drew his language from Isaiah 25. The chapter describes the Great Tribulation (vs 2), the Millenial Kingdom of Yah (vs 3 - 12). Vs 8 clearly describes the renewed heavens and renewed earth in its reference to wiping all tears from our eyes.

As I began to ponder this awesome time period, still in our future, that here at the beginning of the 21st century we are standing on the brink of the events in Revelation which will soon lead to the 1000 year physical rule and reign of Messiah from Yerushalayim and then be followed by the Renewed Heavens and Renewed Earth . . . I thought, hmmm, maybe I should use my talents as a writer to bring the rest of you into this glorious mindset.

So, here it goes -- keep in mind this will not have undergone any edits so it will be rough, but read this and try to enter the movie theater of your mind, as I paint a picture of what this time period will be like.



Marcus Ben David heard the trumpet sound as the sun began to set. He knew it was Yom Teruah, the Feast of Trumpets and Shouting, but no one in the camp had told him that they were going to blow the shofar until the sun had completely set and the New Moon High Feast had officially begun.

He looked around in confusion.

But the trumpet sound grew louder, louder and louder. His friends and family emerged from their Petra hideout and blinked in suprise; no one from within the camp of the Israelites had blown the trumpet or shofar.

The trumpet now was so loud, it echoed through the canyons of Petra, screamed across the sky, boomed so that the ground began to shake and quake -- it was so loud that the blast sounded more like a shout -- the shout of an archangel and the Voice of Yah.

Then Marcus understood.

Of course, it had been almost 3.5 years since the imposter had taken over the Temple at Jerusalem and consolidated his power over the earth. It had been almost 3.5 years since the Torahless One had begun his blood bath against those who continued to keep Torah.

In fact, to Marcus' knowledge, nearly every Torah keeper was dead save this last remnant of believers who had hidden out in these Petra canyons in the country of Jordan.

"It's happening! The mystery of Yah! It's happening!" Someone from behind Marcus shouted in jubilee.

Yes, this was it -- the actual fulfillment of the Feast of Shouting. The day had finally arrived.

The blast grew louder and louder as darkness settlled across the land. The canyon walls groaned and trembled. Marcus understood that everyone across the entire world was now hearing this thundering blast of the heavenly shofar.

Darkness now covered the sky, for Yom Teruah had officially begun in that part of the globe.

Suddenly, without warning, violent explosions began to geyser up from the red stone rock. Marcus and the others had created a small cemetary outside the camp, per Torah, to bury those who had died during the past 3.5 years of hardship living and hiding from the Torahless One.

Marcus gazed at that cemetary, only fifty feet further down the canyon, in awe. One gravestone after another shattered in a violent explosion of rock and earth. Intense, bright light, brighter than the sun, speared upward from those exploding graves and Marcus was forced to shield his eyes.

He didn't need to see what was happening; he knew. The dead in Messiah, not just here in Petra, but all across the earth, were exploding from their graves, being transformed into their resurrected bodies, and rising to meet their approaching Maker and Creator -- King YahShua Himself.

The explosions, like a shotgun, pocked the darkness, only increasing the sound of the blasting, terrible Shofar that rung across the earth.

What must the Torahless Christians be thinking right now? They were probably terrified; not understanding the doctrine of the resurrection and that Yom Teruah would be the day it would happen, as foretold by the Torah and the Prophets they had scorned. How would their Torahless Master explain this event? Marcus smiled smugly, realizing that the Torahless One was soon to meet his final doom. HallaluYAH! Marcus had seen and heard of the millions who had perished underneath the tryanny of this apostate Jesus. He longed for YahShua's return!

As quickly as the explosions began, they ceased. Marcus dropped his hands and peered at the cemetery. A film of dust hung over the spot, but every grave had been destroyed and huge gaping holes marked where the dead in Messiah had once slept. This cemetery was unique in that everone buried here had been believers in Messiah. But Marcus knew other graveyards across the world would still have unopened graves -- those who died in their transgressions -- they would not be resurrected for another 1000 years from this day.

Marcus stared at his friends and family who had gathered about him to stare in awe at the now ripped open graveyard. A glow of wonder and anticipation filled their faces. They knew what was next.

Marcus stared at all those gathered believers and smiled, "We made it folks. Today is resurrection day. We have just witnessed what Apostle Sha'ul described in the 4th chapter to the Thessalonians. The dead in Messiah have been resurrected. We're next."

The trumpet shofar blasted so loud now that Marcus could barely shout loud enough to explain the obvious to these gathered friends. Still, Marcus felt good at having shouted this encouragement -- for now they would experience glory.

Marcus felt a tingle within him. The blasting of the shofar grew even louder, and he felt his ear drums would shatter. The tingle began in his innermost being and spread outward.

In wonder, he gazed at his hands. Bright streamers of light, like an exploding star, ripped out from his skin as it burned away. In an instant, a flash, better than any Steve Spielburg film he had ever seen as a kid, his entire body transformed into that of an angel, and he was a bright, shining glorious celestial being -- similar to who he once had been, only better, more glorious, resurrected to a newness of life. Salvation was now his forever -- once saved always saved!

He felt his feet rising from the shaking red-rock soil. The canyons of Petra dropped away beneath him as he, and his companions, like bright burning stars, arced upwards through the sky, higher and higher, and higher, past the clouds, higher and higher and higher.

There He was. His Majesty. YahShua, riding a white winged horse, clothed in Blood, His face shining like the brightness of the sun. But Marcus was not scared nor did he have to shield his eyes. For he could now stand to look upon His glorified Saviour, for he too was now glorified and resurrected.

The blasting shofar, though louder even now, no longer hurt his ears, it was rather an exciting call to war.

With rushing excitement, he and his friends streaked toward Messiah YahShua, to join the vast and huge army that the King of Kings led down to planet earth. This was it. The Battle of Armeggedon. They could now, with YahShua leading them, crush the beast like governments on planet earth.

Oh, Messiah! Messiah! HOW I'VE LONGED TO SEE YOU!

Marcus did not fall in line, he instead rushed right to YahShua Himself and embraced His Warrior Savior, tears streaming down his eyes, and YahShua whispered into his ears the words he had always longed to hear: "Well, done, my good and faithful servant. Well done."