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And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."



Latest Preaching Reports




 The Reward Is In The Obedience, and The Outcome Is His 


Boise State Univ: Smaller Crowd, Rebuking Two Adult Hypocrites, Great One-On-One Conversations, Ministering to 1 Newly Born Again Christian Student

Boise State Univ: Large Crowd, Lesbian Lunges At Me With A Taser, Student Throws Massive Cake At Me, But Other Than That Students Were Very Civil

Can You Help Me By Letting Me Stay In Your House? Here's My Route! Nord Stream Pipeline Damaged on Feast of Trumpets -- Major Prophetic Development

Univ of Idaho: Utterly Spectacular 3rd Day: Lots of Great Questions, Humble Hearts, Students Pray For Me and I Pray For Them, Holy Spirit Moves Powerfully!!!!

Univ of Idaho: Clash of the Megaphones -- Contending with Atheists, Skeptics, Homosexuals, Hypocrites -- Jesus Is Exalted

Univ of Idaho: Angry Atheist, Contending with Many Homosexuals, 2 Christian Students Stand with Me

A Very Brief Happy Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah) To Everyone and Short Update on Ministry

Univ of Montana: Confused Students Justifying Sexual Perversion, Atheists, Satanists & Mockers -- But The Gospel of Jesus Christ Shines Forth!

University of Montana: Even in the Cold Rain, The Preaching of the Gospel Draws a Crowd!

Montana State Univ: Rebuking a "Christian" Campus Leader, But Then Lots of Great Discussions With Very Humble Students

Return to Montana State Univ: Respectful Crowd, Humble Questions, Some Mockers But Also Sincere Hearts

Montana State University: Very Large But Civil Crowd, Lots of Great Questions, Jesus Is Exalted

Mob Seethes With Hatred, Most Hostile Crowd Ever, Viewer Discretion Is Advised: NDSU -- Why do the Heathen Rage?

"Loving" Students HATE the Preacher: NDSU -- But the Gospel Of Jesus Christ Still Goes Forth!

Rebuking "Christian" Hypocrite Claiming Allah is Same as Biblical God, Proving the Bible True, Jesus Exalted On Final Day at Univ of North Dakota

Both Large Rowdy Crowds, and Small Convicted Groups -- Contending For the Faith at Univ of North Dakota

Univ of North Dakota: Police Retrieve My Stolen Banner, Rowdy Crowds, Humble Questions at End

Most Spectacular Day on Campus Ever, Hundreds Gather to Hear The Gospel, The Holy Spirit Gains the Victory

Preached in the Rain, Hundreds of Students Gather to Hear the Gospel In Biggest Crowd Ever, Jesus Gets the Victory @ SDSU, Will Post Video Soon

SDSU: Students Dunk Me In Chocolate, Muslim Runs Away With My Banner, Police Escort Me Back To My Car

Old Man in Wheelchair Tries to Assault Me, God Intervenes, Rowdy Crowd, Gospel Goes Forth

Contending with "the beasts" of USD: Rebuking Hypocrites, Gospel Goes Forth

Iowa State Univ: Trumpet Heckler Helps Me Draw Crowd, Wild Mockers, Humble Listeners

Iowa State Univ: Lots of Great Discussions, Sober Crowd, Holy Spirit Moving!

Iowa State Univ: Largest Crowd Ever, Very Good Questions, Student Rips Pole Out of My Hand, Police Called

Univ of Iowa: Prayed for One Student, Rowdy Crowd Blasphemes Jesus, Homosexuals Rage

Univ of Iowa: Skeptics, Atheists, Homosexuals, One Young Lady Punches Me In the Stomach (Pray for her)

Pastor Joshua Joins Me, Crowd Forms: Contending w/ Muslims, Jews, Skeptics

Sodomites Enraged At The Gospel, Most Hostile Crowd Ever, Viewer Discretion Advised

Illinois State: Rowdy Crowd Brings Police, Christian Students Stand With Me, Gospel Goes Forth

Had Breakfast with Local Pastor, Preached 4 Hours at Illinois State and Christian Students Stood With Me

Return to U of IL: Proving the Resurrection, More Sober Crowd Gathers, Jesus Again Exalted

Part 2: Univ of Illinois: Defending the Veracity of the Bible, Large Crowd Forms, Jesus Exalted

Part 1: Univ of Illinois: Hypocrites, Catholics, Atheists, Muslims, Homosexuals

5 Hours Preaching at University of Illinois -- Will Upload Video(s) as soon as I can

Final Day @ ISU: Lesbian Mocker, Many Hecklers, One Humble Student I Prayed For

Baptist Cusses Me Out, One Student Loves My Preaching, Gospel Goes Forth Again

Students Call Cops, Large Crowd Forms, Student Dunks Me In Soda, Jesus is Exalted!

Personal Video, Where This Ministry Is At, Sharing My Feelings, Future Plans

4 Hours of Preaching/Witnessing at Indiana State University: Contending With Atheists, Homosexuals, Catholics

Contending w/ an Atheist, Exalting Messiah, Preaching the Gospel in Colonial Williamsburg

Preaching Jesus in Downtown Toledo Ohio

Event Organizer Gets Mad at Me, Woman Screams at Me, Got to Encourage & Pray for Two Young Men

Introducing You to The Subscribers I'm Staying With -- Do you want to Host Daniel?

Preaching in Downtown Cleveland: Some Mockers, Some Listeners, Music Fails to Drown Out the Gospel

Preaching at Fountain Square Again -- Lifting Up Jesus, Tracts to the Homeless

Preaching In Fountain Square -- Cincinnati, OH - Contending with a Muslim

Preaching at the WaterFire Event -- Lesbians Heckle, Christians Encourage, Gospel Goes Forth!

Preaching Jesus on Thames Street: Curious Onlookers, Apathetic, and Godly

Preaching the Gospel at Easton's Beach in Newport, Rhode Island -- Police Very Friendly

Preaching at Bossier City Boardwalk, Passing Out Gospel Tracts with Jeff



Street Preaching in Juneau: Some Great One-On-One Conversations

Two Young Evangelists Approach Me, I Pray for Them, Preaching Jesus in Juneau

Humble Hearts, Demon Possessed Guy Bangs Stick, Some Mock -- Gospel Goes Forth!

Part 2: Very End of Preaching Of the Day India Man Prayed for My Listeners

Cruise Crew Member from India Prays For My Listeners As I Preach Jesus

Poem: They Said Jesus Had a Devil

The Lord Jesus Christ Is Disgusted with You Fake Christian Trump Supporters

Trumpsters Laugh, Scorn, Mock, Try to Drown Me Out, Gnash Their Teeth -- As I Preach Jesus

The Most Beautiful Highway in the World: Into The Storm (Recorded Friday evening)

Humble Hearts As I Preach in Downtown Anchorage Friday Evening

Poem About Heading to Anchorage to Preach to Donald Trump and Patriots

Confronted By The Angry, The Curious, and The Humble -- As I Sing Out The Gospel

I Don't Know Who Needs To Hear This, But . . . Poem Of 2nd Peter 1:5-8

Only 2 More Weeks in Juneau, Waterfire Festival, Updates, Heading to the Lower 48

4th of July Preaching, 2 Hours But Only 30 Minutes Got Recorded

A Skeptic Has a Lengthy Convo w/ me, CBJ Officials Come Out to Meet Me, Gospel Goes Forth

Sinner Upset By Judging, Another Man Blesses Me With $100 -- Preaching Jesus in Juneau

Pothead Defending Her Sin, But The Righteous Blessing Me -- Contending for the Faith in Downtown Juneau

Preaching the Gospel: Man On Holy Spirit Assignment Approaches Me

Hundreds Pour Off Cruise Ships as the Gospel Goes Forth Unhindered!

Some Sinners Cuss Me Out, Others Bless & Thank Me: Preaching Near The Cruise Ships

Preaching In Downtown Juneau: Yah Opens A Door No Man Can Shut!

"Suffering" -- The Marks of God's Approval: Leonard Ravenhill

Victorious Phone Conversation With Juneau Police About My Street Preaching

Juneau Police Threaten to Arrest Me If I Continue Preaching (Toward End of Video)

Juneau Street Preaching: Sinners Cuss, Threaten but Also Overall More Sober Conviction, Sober Crowd

Preaching Jesus in Downtown Juneau: Hecklers, "Christians" Defending Sin, One Guy Blesses Me

A New Season Begins



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