Torah Restoration Ministries

Evangelist Daniel John Lee

And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."


A Prayer of Repentance


YHVH, My Elohim, I believe in you and pray to you to strengthen my faith.

I love you, increase my love.

I repent, make my repentance overflow.

I praise you as my first beginning.

I desire you as my highest desire.

I thank you as my eternal benefactor.

I call you as my powerful help.

YHVH, my Elohim, have compassion and teach me your wisdom.

Guide me with your righteousness.

Comfort me with your mercy.

Protect me with your power.

O YHVH, my Elohim, to you I surrender all my thoughts, deeds, my sufferings, so in the future I will think of you, speak of you, serve you and suffer for you.

YHVH, my Elohim, your will is my will, and you want me to obey you and I vow to do your will.

In humbleness I ask you to open my understanding, strengthen my will as steel, cleanse my body and sanctify my soul.

YHVH, my Elohim, you are good.  Make me clean of my of past mistakes and sin and help me overcome future temptations and work the virtue deeds.

Fill my heart with love for your goodness, with hate for my sins, with zeal to bless my neighbour and with disgust for the worldly lusts.

Make me submit to those over me and offer love to those below me, to be loyal to my friends and forgiving to my enemies.

Come, you ALL POWERFUL YHVH, and help me overcome the 7 main sins which are the root of all sin:

To overcome pride through faithful humblesness, love of money through charity, covetness through love and joy for my neighbour, immorality through self control and cleanliness, greed through modesty, anger through patience, laziness through manly faith, and also help me to overcome all the other sins and lusts that are born from these.

And give me the virtues of faith in you, YAHSHUA: Faith, Hope and Love.

YHVH, my Elohim, make me wise in my works, without fear and brave in dangers, patient in trials and humble in my walk with you.

Do not allow me at any time to forgive to seek you in prayer and spend time with you. Watch over my appetite and help me control it, quicken me in fulfilling my duties and still me in my decisions.

YHVH my Elohim, breath over me the desire to always have a clean conscience, dress modestly, speak life and give glory to you in everything I do.

Fill me with your Spirit so I can learn to always control my flesh desires, to be worthy of your gifts, to protect your law and be worthy of my salvation.

YHVH, my Elohim make me know how small the goodness of this life is compared to the heavenly one, how short this life is and how infinite is eternity.

Help me be ready always to face death and not be afraid of your judgement, to avoid eternal torment and to inherit heaven through YAHSHUA, our REEDEMER and KING.