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And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."


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Want to know Daniel Lee's Testimony? Please read here: Daniel Lee's Testimony



 2022 Shabbat Teachings


Friday Night Shabbat: Awesome Healing From Heart Attack, What Yah Has Shown Me in Numbers 27 & 28, Co-Laborers In Christ - 12/30

Friday Night Shabbat: Subscriber Encouragements, Dad Healed, Special Hanukkah Song - 12/23

Friday Night Shabbat: Subscriber Shares How Preaching Tour Affected Her - 12/16

Friday Night Shabbat: David Lynn's Powerful Street Preaching Moment, Psalm 91 Song, Brand New Song From James Block - 12/9

Friday Night Shabbat: Shod With The Gospel of Peace - 12/2

5 Major Victories In My Life, II Chronicles 20, Memorial of Thanksgiving to Yah - 11/26

Ding, Dong The Trolls Are Dead!!!!! - 11/26

Friday Night Shabbat: Subscriber Blessed By My Sermon From A Few Weeks Ago - 11/25

Friday Night Shabbat: Powerful Meme, Original Music From Subscriber, New James Block Song - 11/18

Friday Night Shabbat: Miraculous Healing, Subscriber Describes Powerful Anointing On This Campus Preaching Ministry, A Warning To The Trolls Who Attack This Yah-Ordained Ministry - 11/12

Friday Night Shabbat: After A Month in Hospital, Finally Healed -- Another Insight Into Spiritual Warfare In New Mexico, Jeff's Parrots - 11/5

Friday Night Shabbat: 4 Subscribers Send Me Letters About How the Campus Preaching Has Affected Them, My Reflections on Texas A&M, I Have Been Invited to Preach a Sermon at a Local Baptist Church This Sunday - 10/29

Very Special Shabbat Video: Sharing My Heart About This Past Week & The Ministry - 10/22

Friday Night Shabbat: 9 Subscribers Write Me Letters About How the Campus Preaching Is Affecting Them - 10/15

Friday Night Shabbat: Protected Through Hurricane Ian, More Emails from Subscribers About My Campus Preaching, Two Universities Cover Me In Their College Newspapers - 10/8

Friday Night Shabbat: Emails Pour In From Subscribers About My Campus Preaching, 7th-12th Grade Teacher Shares My Preaching Videos With Students, New James Block Psalm 16 Song - 10/1

Friday Night Shabbat: Heart Healed, 10 Subscribers Share How My Campus Preaching Has Affected Them, News on Red Heifers, Train to Upcoming 3rd Temple, End Times - 9/24

Friday Night Shabbat: Grandson Healed, Subscribers Encouraged by Preaching, New Bibles - 9/10

Friday Night Shabbat: Miracle Healing, Subscriber Composes Music, Phil 3:10-16 - 9/3

Friday Night Shabbat: Subscribers Preaching, Youth Group Inspired, Dance Like David Danced - 8/27

Friday Night Shabbat: Encouraging Email, Faith of Our Fathers, Give Me Oil In My Lamp - 8/19

Friday Night Shabbat: Encouraging Testimonies, Denzel Washington, Biblical Meaning of 60 - 8/12

Friday Night Shabbat: Psalm 8:3-6, Shabbat Psalm 92 - 8/5

Preaching at the WaterFire Event -- Lesbians Heckle, Christians Encourage, Gospel Goes Forth! - 7/30

Friday Night Shabbat: Encouragements, Breast Cancer Test Negative, Psalm 18:2 - 7/29

Preaching at Bossier City Boardwalk, Passing Out Gospel Tracts with Jeff - 7/23

Cancer Removed, Baby Born, Encouraging Testimonies From Subscribers, Jeff's Parrots - 7/22

Poem On 1st Thess 5:16-23 & Sabbath Hike: Double Sabbath Blessing For You! - 7/16

17 Praise Reports/Testimonies, My Preaching Citation Dismissed, Overwhelmed With Blessings From You! - 7/16

What the Bible Teaches On Living Holy and Victorious in Messiah - 7/2

Subscribers Pour Out Their Encouragement As I Pursue Evangelism - 7/2

Another Avalanche of Praise Reports and Encouraging Words from You! - 6/25

The Lord Spoke to Me: An Exhortation For the Times We Live In (Sabbath Teaching) - 6/19

12 Praise Reports, Beautiful Letter to President Trump, Blessings Have Flooded This Ministry! - 6/18

Heart Healed, Bleeding Stopped, Holiness Testimony, Revelation 1 Vision of Messiah - 6/11

Severe Pain Healed, Awful Weight Suddenly Lifted, My Sheep Hear My Voice - 6/3

Found Fellowship, Back Healed, Cancer in Remission, Be Ye Holy As I Am Holy, Dwell With Us Song - 5/27

Incredible Testimony, Major Personal Healing, Psalm 66:18-19, James 5, Beauty of Holiness - 5/20

Encouraging Emails from Subscribers, Hebrews 11 Faith Chapter and Song - 5/14

Husband Finds New Love For the Bible, Subscribers Blessed By My Videos, Powerful Worship Song - 5/7

Delivered from Catholicism, Horrible Accident Turns Into Beautiful Testimony, Psalm 92 Song - 4/30

Friday Night Shabbat: 13 Year Old Grand-daughter Baptized, Healings, Special Song - 4/23

Special Passover 2022: The Messiah, Our Passover Lamb - 4/15

Friday Night Shabbat: Wherefore Comfort One Another With These Words: 1st Thess 4 Reminder - 4/8

Friday Night Shabbat: Happy New Hebrew Year, Young Man Mightily Delivered, Reaping in Due Season - 4/1

Friday Night Shabbat: Leukemia in Remission, 92 yr Grandma Healed, Philippians 1:21 - 3/26

Sabbath Hike in Beautiful Alaska - 3/19

Special Purim Edition: Friday Night Shabbat: Kidneys Healed & Special Song - 3/18

Friday Night Shabbat: Beloved Dog Found, Sepsis Healed, In Our Weakness He is Strong - 3/11

Friday Night Shabbat: Lung/Stomach Cancer Healed, New Job, Marriage Restored, Malachi 3:16 - 3/4

Friday Night Shabbat: Healings, Parents Who Passed Into Glory, Testimony from Auburn University - 2/25

Friday Night Shabbat: Prayers for Comfort, Victories on Campus, His Easy Yoke - 2/18

Friday Night Shabbat: Special Announcement: I Am Returning to Preaching the Gospel In The Lower 48 - 2/12

Friday Night Shabbat: Psalm 91, Healing from Cancer, Beautiful Meme for Canada - 2/5

Friday Night Shabbat: Tumor Removed, Escape from the Hospital, Psalm 67, Let's Pray for Canada! - 1/28

Husband & Wife Healed, Grandson Healed, More Encouraging Emails, Word Study on Snow - 1/21

My Cup Runneth Over -- 5 Praise Reports, Over 20 Encouraging Emails, Yah is Good - 1/15

Yah Speaks, Will We Listen? - 1/14

Powerful Words From My Favorite Messianic Jewish Teacher - 1/8

Friday Night Shabbat: New Job, Healing, Philippians 3:8-14: Pressing Toward Him! - 1/7




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