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And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."



Spring 2023 Tour - Preaching Reports




 The Reward Is In The Obedience, and The Outcome Is His 


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Fall 2023 Campus Preaching Tour Clarified

My 2023 Fall University Preaching Tour Schedule

My Book: Through the Fire and Water: A Campus Preacher’s Journey Across America Is Now Available to Purchase on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback Versions)

I Am Writing A Novel: Through the Fire and Water: A Campus Preacher’s Journey Across America

Preaching For My Final Day in Alaska: Thousands Pour Off Cruise Ships, A Genuine Christian Humbly Asks Questions, Blasphemers Cuss Me Out

Update On The Ministry, New Address To Send Snail Mail Donations, Last Look At Yah's Blue (Glacier)

Special 2023 Spring Preaching Tour Music Video

Eastern Washington University: Final Day of Preaching for The Academic School Year, Very Civil & Sober Crowd, Lots of Great Questions, One Heckler Apologizes To Me, A Spectacular End To The School Year

Eastern Washington University: Biblical Scholar Debates Me On Torah, Helps Draw Large Crowd, Much More Civility Today, Contending w/ Atheists & Agnostics, Homosexuals Eventually Show Up And Hostility Rises, Battle of the Megaphones

Eastern Washington University: Local Subscriber Gives Me $300, Students Rage & Scream, Hypocrites & Sodomites Go Crazy With Anger, Crowd Calms Toward The End

Eastern Washington University: Another Local Street Preacher Joins Me, Dealing with Atheists, Homosexuals & Hypocrites -- also dealing with the Satanic Temple

Please Consider A One-Time Donation, I Am Getting Rid Of My Alaska Apartment, Update On The Ministry

Western Washington University: Round 2 With The Beasts of Bellingham -- Contending With All Manner of Blasphemers, Sexual Perverts and Raging Sinners!

Western Washington University: The "Berkeley of the North" -- Sexual Perverts, Sodomites, Homosexuals & Blasphemers Abound As I Contend With The Beasts of Bellingham

University of Washington: Two Hypocrites Help Me Draw A Crowd, Two Lesbians Under Conviction, One Young Female Christian Is Encouraged To Live Holy

University of Washington: Lesbian Heckler Helps Me Draw 1st Crowd, 2nd Crowd Is a Massive 150 Students, 3rd Crowd is a small group -- Contending with Homosexuals, Atheists, Muslims, Hypocrites & Proving the Bible True!

University of Washington (Seattle): Dealing With Lots of Muslims, Helps Me Draw A Crowd, Jesus Christ Magnified in Seattle!

Weekend Update: 3 More University Newspaper Articles Cover My Preaching, Students Create Cartoon of Me, Divine Re-direction To Ellensburg, Only Two More Weeks Left In My Spring Semester Preaching Tour

Central Washington University: Three Different Crowds Drawn, Contending with Sodomites, Homosexuals, Trans, Lesbians, 4 Christians Join Me On Campus

Central Washington University: Professing Themselves To Be Wise, They Became Fools -- Dealing w/ Homosexuals, Trans, Hypocrites, Catholics & Skeptics Who Hate The Word Of God

Oregon State University: Student Steals My Hat & Throws It On University Roof, I Call Police, Large Crowd Drawn, Local Subscriber Joins Me, A Wild Day On Campus

Oregon State University: Trans & Homosexuals Everywhere, Student Dresses Up As Batman, Students Create A Sign Where They Draw A Cartoon of Me Holding My Sign

Oregon State University: Lesbians Kissing, Catholics Railing, Students Booing -- What Began As 40-50 Students Mushroomed Into A Crowd of 200 Students As The Gospel of Jesus Christ Was Preached

Southern Oregon University: Student Screams Out He Is Filled With the Spirit of Satan, Jewish Woman Screams At Me To Leave, Hard Hearts As I Preach the Gospel

Southern Oregon University: New Agers, Homosexuals, A Black Hooded & Robed Satanist, A Cultural Jew & Many Others Drawn To Hearing the Gospel Preached

Sacramento State University: Much More Sober & Calmer Crowd, Bisexual Woman Smitten With Conviction, Contending w/ The Beasts of California

Sacramento State University: Hundreds Gather, I Rebuke Lesbians & The Crowd Grows Volatile, Student Throws Chocolate Shake At Me, Jesus Christ Is Exalted As The Students Gnash Their Teeth In Rage

Sacramento State University: Large Crowd As I Contend w/ Muslims, Atheists, Lesbians, & Hypocrites -- Crowd Gets So Large The Admin Moves Me To a Place Where Everyone Can Fit

UC Santa Barbara: Dealing w/ a Hypocrite Catholic, Then A Skeptic Helps Me Draw A Crowd, Great Conversation with a Cultural Jew

UC Santa Barbara: Preaching to Thousands, Several Good Conversations with Sincere, Humble and Inquisitive Students

UC Santa Barbara: Large Crowds, Mostly Hostile, As I Contend w/ Homosexuals, Kissing Lesbians, Mockers, Jews, a Rabbi, Atheists, Muslims & Hypocrites -- Jesus Christ Preached To Thousands!

UCLA: Fabulous Conversations w/ Muslim Women, w/ Skeptics, w/ Christians -- California Students Continue to Treat Me Very Well

UCLA (West Hollywood): Fantastic Conversations w/ Small Groups & Individual Students, Ministering to Muslims, Former Catholics, Hypocrites, Atheists, Skeptics, Homosexuals and Genuine Christians

San Diego State University: Belligerent X-Catholics Accuse Me Of Hate, An Angry, Convicted Atheist Accuses Me Of Telling Him What To Do, Encouraging A Couple of Genuine Christians

San Diego State University: Started Drawing A Crowd When The Admin/Police Told Me To Move & De-Poled Me, Found a New Spot Where I Debated An Agnostic & Lesbian Which Eventually Drew Another Crowd

UC San Diego: Spectacular Conversations w/ Muslims, w/ a Muslim Turned Atheist, w/ A Convicted Sinner, & w/ A Genuine Christian, One Student Gives Me Water, Another Student Gives Me A Snow Cone, & Another Student Buys Me Lunch!

UC San Diego: "Christian" Uses the F-Bomb, Contending with Muslims, Ministering to Genuine Christians, Proving the Bible True to Atheists, Drawing More Crowds, Great Questions, Jesus is Exalted To Thousands On Campus!

UC San Diego: Drew 3 or 4 Mini Crowds, Great Questions From Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics & Muslims, One Muslim Asked How To Be Born Again, An Arabaic Christian Helped Me To Minister, FANTASTIC Day on Campus

University of Nevada, Las Vegas: Three Extraordinary Conversations w/ A Muslim, A Catholic and A Sinner

University of Nevada Las Vegas: Some Mockers, Lesbians Kissing, One Young Man Seemed To Be Under Conviction, Jesus Christ Exalted to Thousands of Students

Arizona State University: 2 Christians Edified, One New Born Again Student Shares Testimony, Two Curious Sinners Ask Great Questions, A Spectacular Final Day In Arizona!

Arizona State University: Bible-Wielding Hypocrites Hate My Sign & Argue With Me, Helping Me Draw A Large Crowd, Contending With Skeptics, Atheists, Hypocrites & Muslims, A Spectacular Four Hour Day of Preaching!!! (Tuesday's Preaching)

Return to Arizona State University: Former Catholic Asks Many Sincere Questions, Older Man Hurls Insults and Gets In My Face, Jesus Christ is Preached To Thousands of Students (Monday's Preaching)

New Mexico State University: Slow Day On Campus, Was Able To Preach To Hundreds of High Schoolers Touring the Campus, Just A Short Preach

Return to New Mexico State University: Sober, Civil Crowd Drawn, Great Questions, Several Christians Come Out To Support Me, My Favorite Homosexual Heckler Returns, A Wonderful Day

University of Texas, El Paso: Preaching to Hundreds At Block Party, Former Catholic Turned Agnostic Asks Me Many Questions, Preaching Jesus Christ

University of Texas, El Paso: Some Bless Me, Others Curse Me, Contending With A Mormon Student

University of Texas, El Paso: Humble Students Ask Many Sincere Questions, Admin Tells Me My Pole Is A Threat, Jesus Christ is Exalted

University of Texas, San Antonio: Atheist Contending With Me Helps Me Draw A Small Crowd, Great Questions, Sober Students, A Wonderful Day of Exalting Jesus Christ

University of Texas, San Antonio: A Few Christian Students Thank Me For Preaching, Some Homosexual Mockers Take Photos of My Banner, A Short Preach In The Wind & Rain

University of Texas, San Antonio: Hypocrites Oppose Me, Helps Draw A Crowd of 200 Students, Preaching Jesus on Passover

Texas State University: Loud Mouthed Jezebel Screams In My Face & Helps Me Draw a Massive Crowd

Texas State University: Apathy Continues As I Preach To Thousands of Students

Texas A&M: Two Christian Students Approach Me, The Hecklers Emerge, Preaching To Thousands

Texas A&M: I've Never Seen So Much Apathy Toward The Gospel At A College Campus

Texas A&M: Local Evangelist "Brother John" Joins Me Preaching, Angry Muslims, Curious Christians

Texas A&M: Business Suited Heckler, Christian Students Pray For Me, Hypocrites Help Me Draw A Small Crowd

Texas A&M: A Few Christians Bless Me, One Man Hands Me $20, Preaching To Thousands of Students

University of Oklahoma: Bisexual Heckler & Baritone Tuba Player Help Me Draw Crowd, Students Become So Out of Control, Admin Sets Up Barricade Around Me, Contending with the Beasts Of Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma: Student Punches Me In The Face, Blood Gushes Out Of My Mouth, I Call Police, Crowd of 200 Gathers, Jesus Christ Is Exalted

University of Oklahoma: A Wild, Rowdy, Massive Crowd: Contending w/ Homosexuals, Atheists, Hypocrites, And 1 Backslidden Christian Promises To Get Right With God! (Wednesday Preaching)

Oklahoma State University: Large, Civil Crowd, Trans Comes Under Conviction, Exalting the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Tuesday Preaching)

Oklahoma State University: Backslider Under Conviction, Homosexual Hecklers Help Me Draw Crowd, Proving to Agnostics & Skeptics the Bible True, Admin Warmly Welcomes Me To Campus

Missouri State University: Older Man Cusses Me Out As Demons Manifest In Him, Some Mockers, Two Students Thank Me, Preaching the Gospel On The Last Day of Classes Before Spring Break

Missouri State University: Rebuking a Female Professor, One Young Woman Discusses Her Life of "Good Works" & I Give Her The Gospel

Missouri State University: Ministering to A Young Asian Woman, Security Says My Pole Is A Danger, Preaching the Gospel to Hundreds

University of Arkansas: Civil, Sober Crowd Gathers And Asks Several Good Questions, One Crazy Guy Tries To Follow Me To My Car But When I Threaten to Call the Police, He Flees

University of Arkansas: Subscriber Joins Me, Campus Admin Try to Remove Me, Lesbians, Skeptics, Hypocrites & Humble Christians All Gather Around for the Gospel Preaching

University of Central Arkansas: Rebuking Hypocrites Who Insist On Sin, Contending with A Skeptic, Proving the Bible & Resurrection True

University of Central Arkansas: Large, Rowdy Crowd, Contending with Homosexuals, Catholics & Mockers, Preaching Righteousness To A Wicked Generation

University of Central Arkansas: Sober Crowd, Bisexual Convicted By The Holy Spirit, Subscriber Helps Me Minister To The Crowd, Jesus Is Exalted

University of Memphis: Near Riot, Students Break Through Barrier, Police Escort Me, Viewer Discretion Is Advised

University of Memphis: Hostile Crowd, Muslim Tries To Assault Me, Contending w/ Homosexuals, Muslims, Hypocrites & Skeptics, Police Come Out And Set Up Barricade Around Me

University of Tennessee Chattanooga: Ministering To A Christian Student, 3 Young Black Men Come Under Conviction And As I Preach To Them, They Say The Gospel Makes Sense

University of Tennessee Chattanooga: Dealing w/ Mockers, 1 Female Atheist Invites Discussion, Two Pagan Bisexuals Have A Lengthy Discussion, Jesus Christ Is Exalted!

University of Tennessee Chattanooga: Curious Onlookers, The Apathetic, The Mockers, Exalting Jesus Christ!

University of Tennessee at Knoxville: Several Great Conversations w/ Atheists, Skeptics & Christians, One Sinner Dumps Ranch Dressing All Over Me, A Muslim Threatens to Murder Me, The Gospel of Jesus Christ Goes Forth!

University of Tennessee Knoxville: Rowdy Crowd, Rebuking Hypocrites, Contending with Homosexuals & Skeptics, One Sinner Throws Water All Over Me, Another Sinner Steals My Hat, Demon Possessed Student Screams & Writhes On The Ground, Wild Day!

University of West Georgia: Subscriber Joins Me On Campus, One Student Led By The Holy Spirit Gives Me A Word From The Lord

University of West Georgia: Hypocrite Screaming To Defend Her Sin, True Christian Blesses Me, Gospel Goes Forth

Georgia State University: Homosexuals Heckle, Sinner Throws Water On Me, Mockers and Scorners, Speaking w/ A Couple Of True Christian Students

Georgia State University: Preaching to Thousands of Students, Professor Yells At Me To Leave, Student Desperately Tries to Persuade Others NOT To Talk To Me, The Gospel Thunders Through Downtown Atlanta

Georgia State University: Several Fruitful One-On-One Conversations With Students

Valdosta State University: Very Wet & Rainy Day, One Student Approaches Me, The Gospel Goes Forth

Return to Valdosta State University: Lesbians & Hypocrites Stir Up Hostile Crowd

Florida International University: One-On-One Conversations w/ Catholic, Agnostic & Christians

Florida International University: Holy Spirit Uses Homosexual Heckler To Help Me Draw Massive Crowd!

Florida International University: Great One-On-One Conversations, 1 Student Gives Me Cash, Jesus is Exalted

Florida Atlantic University: Student Questions the Bible, Preaching to the Apathetic, Exalting Jesus

Florida Atlantic University: Gospel Preaching Draws Crowd of Muslims, Sex Perverts & Hypocrites

Florida Atlantic University: One Student In Tears Of Conviction, Ready to Get Born Again, Two Subscribers Help Me Witness To A Small Crowd

Florida Gulf Coast University: 12 Street Preachers, Great One-On-One Conversations w/ Humble Students, Jesus Is Exalted

Florida Gulf Coast University: 50 Street Preachers Converge, Most Spectacular Day Ever Preaching on Campus!!!

University of South Florida: Preaching To The Apathetic and Mockers (Friday's Preaching)

University of South Florida: Great Conversation w/ A Humble Student, Contending With Several Hypocrites & Muslims, Jesus is Exalted (Thursday's Preaching)

University of Central Florida: Speaking w/ The Humble, The Curious, Holy Spirit Uses a Catholic Hypocrite To Draw A Crowd (Wednesday's Preaching)

University of Central Florida: Large Crowd Forms, Contending With Many Muslims, Exalting Jesus Christ

University of Central Florida: Angry Muslim Grabs My Sign, Police Show Up, 7 Other Preachers Also Show Up Passing Out Tracts

University of Florida: Found A New Place To Preach, Immediately Drew Students To Me, Doing A Bible Study With A Student

University of Florida: Great One-On-One Conversations, A Fellow Evangelist Blesses Me With $20, Christian Students Invite Me To Their Bible Study

University of Florida: Preaching to Thousands of Students, Belligerent Atheist Screams In My Face, Some Good One-On-One Conversations

University of North Florida: Subscriber Meets Me At Campus, A Few Mockers, Ministering To A Christian Student

Tips and Guidelines for Effective Open Air Preaching on College Campuses

Florida State University: Holy Spirit Uses Sodomite Heckler to Help Me Draw A Massive Crowd!

Florida State University: Preaching to Thousands, Another Campus Preacher Joins With Me Preaching, Good One-On-One Conversations

Florida State University: Preached To Thousands of Students, Met A Fellow Campus Preacher!

University of West Florida: Gospel Preaching Draws Crowd, Contending with A Calvinist, Homosexuals, Atheists & Skeptics

University of West Florida: Great One-On-One Conversations, Small Crowd Gathers, Contending with a Hypocrite

My Custom Made Gospel Tracts, Spring 2023 Preaching Tour, Update On The Ministry

Summer & Fall 2022 Preaching Reports



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