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And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."


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 2023 Shabbat Teachings


Spring 2024 Campus Preaching Tour Travel Plans: 23 Weeks and 41 Universities - 12/29

Friday Night Shabbat: Encouraging Email From Subscriber - 12/15

Special 2023 Fall Preaching Tour Music Video - 12/8

Friday Night Shabbat Video: Two Emails Commenting On My Preaching This Week, Only 2 Days Remaining in the Fall Preaching Tour of 2023! - 12/1

Friday Night Shabbat: Reflections On This Fall Semester So Far - 11/24

Friday Night Shabbat: Doctors Amazed, Observations Of My Preaching, New James Block Song - 11/17

Fayetteville Shabbat Home Fellowship - 11/10

I Am Invited To Speak At Pastor Joshua's Home Fellowship Service - 10/28

Friday Night Shabbat: More Details on Atheist-Turned-Christian Who Passed Away, Subscriber Comments on Illinois Preaching, Lots of Spiritual Break Throughs On Campus This Week - 10/27

Friday Night Shabbat: Atheist Becomes Born Again In Last Moments of Life, Comments on Preaching in Wisconsin, A Quiet But Fruitful Week On Campus - 10/20

Friday Night Shabbat: Subscribers Comment On Minnesota Preaching, In Student Newspaper, Interviewed On Student Radio Show, 64 Thousand Views For My Preaching On Tik Tok! - 10/13

Special 2023 8th Day of Sukkot Teaching - 10/7

Special 2023 Feast of Sukkot Teaching - 9/29

Friday Night Shabbat: Incredibly Edifying Emails, Reflecting On This Tough Week of Evangelism - 9/22

Special Feast of Trumpets 2023 Teaching - 9/15

Friday Night Shabbat: Emails From Subscriber Commenting On My Preaching, What A Volatile Week This Turned Out To Be In Colorado! - 9/8

Friday Night Shabbat: 3 Encouraging Emails About My Campus Preaching, Reflections On This Past Week of Campus Preaching - 9/1

Friday Night Shabbat: Donations, Subscribers Comment On Preaching, Reflections On 1st Week Back to Campus Preaching - 8/25

Friday Night Shabbat: Encouragements From My Subscribers, Had Such A Blessed Summer, Now Time To Hit The Road! - 8/18

Friday Night Shabbat: Recovery From Cancer, 1 Week Until My Fall Campus Preaching Tour Begins - 8/12

Friday Night Shabbat: In Colorado, Encouraging Words, My 3rd Day in Yellowstone National Park - 7/28

Friday Night Shabbat: Two Healings, A Copy of My Paperback Book Arrived Today, New Song From James Block That Is Mind-blowingly Beautiful - 7/21

Friday Night Shabbat: Enjoying My Summer Sabbatical In Montana - 7/7

Friday Night Shabbat: Revival In Iran, Move to Montana Complete, New James Block Song - 6/30

Friday Night Shabbat: UO Female Sports Team Glorifies Christ, Resting in Teslin, Yukon Territory, Summer Sabbatical - 6/16

Sabbath Teaching: Do You Need To Forsake Something Good In Your Life In Order For God's Will To Be Done Through You? - 6/10

Friday Night Shabbat: Atheist Defends Campus Preacher, Beautiful Letters from the UK, Major News For Ministry -- Moving to Eureka, Montana Rather than Louisiana, Summer Rest And Then Back to Campus Preaching In The Fall - 6/9

Friday Night Shabbat: Cat Healed, Holiness Scripture, Updates On Me Selling My Vehicle & Moving Out of My Alaska Apartment, The End of The School Year & Long Preaching Journey - 6/2

Friday Night Shabbat: Land Sold, 4 Beautiful Letters About the Past 2 Weeks of Preaching, One Week Remaining In My Spring Tour - 5/26

Friday Night Shabbat: Sacramento State Student Newspaper Covers My Preaching, UK Subscriber Sends Me Two Wonderful Emails, If You Are Inspired By This Ministry Then Please Consider Sending A Donation - 5/12

Friday Night Shabbat: What the DNA Strand Tells Us About God, Reflections On The Past Two Weeks In California, Only 4 Weeks Left In My Spring Tour - 5/5

Friday Night Shabbat: Successful Surgery, Subscriber from UK Sends Yet Another Encouraging Letter, Beauty of the Sabbath - 4/28

Friday Night Shabbat: Tonie's Diabetes Under Control, A Short Study From 1st Samuel 2 - 4/21

Tumor Shrinking, UK Subscriber Sends Me Incredible Email, UT San Antonio Student Newspaper Features Me In An Article - 4/14

Friday Night Shabbat: Encouragement from England, Campus Decorum, Getting Punched In The Face Used To Reach 20 Students for Christ - 3/31

Friday Night Shabbat: Encouraging Email, Remaining Steadfast, Suffering for Christ - 3/24

Friday Night Shabbat: Reflections Upon The Past 9 Weeks of Campus Preaching, Time For Spring Break - 3/10

Friday Night Shabbat: Removal of All Cancer, Jobs Found, The Tetragrammaton - 3/3

Friday Night Shabbat: Asbury Revival Canceled, Dean of Asbury Seminary Retweets Gay Celibate Priest, Holy Spirit Moving at Texas A&M - 2/24

Friday Night Shabbat: Successful Surgery, Street Preachers Thrown Out of Asbury Revival, Hit With Discouragement & Then Lifted Up By Yah - 2/17

Friday Night Shabbat: Deuteronomy 30 Teaching - 2/10

Friday Night Shabbat: Healed From Stroke, Encouraging Email, Reflections On One Of The Best Weeks I've Ever Had Preaching On College Campuses - 2/3

Friday Night Shabbat: Reflections On My First 2 Weeks Of The Spring Semester Tour 2023 - 1/20

Friday Night Shabbat: Shabbat Shalom Everyone! - 1/6




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