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And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."



Fall 2023 Tour - Preaching Reports




 The Reward Is In The Obedience, and The Outcome Is His 


Spring 2024 Campus Preaching Tour Travel Plans: 23 Weeks and 41 Universities

Special 2023 Fall Preaching Tour Music Video

Univ of Louisiana: Final Day of Classes, Great Conversations w/ Skeptics, Crowd of 40 Students, Booming Speaker Blasts Out "Hit The Road Jack" As I Return To My Car

University of Louisiana: Crowd of Almost 50 Students Gathers, Homosexuals and Sexual Perverts Mock the Gospel, Trumpet Players Blast, Wicked Music Blares From A Speaker, Students Descend Into Utter Mockery and Perversion!

UT Austin: Police Try To Remove Me From Campus & I Stand My Ground, A Chinese Student Who Escaped Communist China Is A Brand New Christian & Speaks To Me, Young Lady Brings Me A Bottle of Water

University of Texas, Austin: Cops Are Called & De-Pole Me, Great Conversation w/ A Humble Student, Blue Haired Freak Demands To Know If I Have A Permit

Sam Houston State Univ: Heckler Decked In Rainbow Waiting For Me, Lesbians Oppose Me, Large Crowd Forms, One Sinner Calls The Police On Me, Another Rowdy Day As I Exalt Jesus Christ

Sam Houston State Univ: Pro-Homosexual Female Student Yells, Helps Me Draw A Large Crowd, Lots of Great Questions, Then Hostility & Rowdiness Grows As Homosexuals & Sexual Perverts Stir Up The Crowd, A Satanist Lesbian Raises Her Sign, A Wild Day!

Sam Houston State University: Dealing w/ Luke Warm Christians Defending Sin, Then the Homosexuals Come Out, One Student Dressed In Full Clown Suit Mocks the Gospel, Exalting Jesus Christ to A Lively Crowd

Texas A&M: Aggie Heckler From Previous Two Semesters Returns, Great Conversations w/ A Christian & An Atheist

Texas A&M: Great Conversations W/ An Atheist, Some Christians, Proud Sinners & The Humble

Oklahoma State Univ: Several Fruitful Conversations w/ The Sincere, A Calvinist, And Some Sinners, Proving By Scripture That We Can Live Holy In Christ Jesus

Oklahoma State University: Group of Lesbians Protest Me, Eventually A Hostile Crowd Gathers Of Homosexuals, Atheists, Muslims and Skeptics, One Street Preacher Opposes Me & Claims I Am Preaching A False Gospel -- A Wild Day

Oklahoma State University: Contending With Multitudes of Christian Hypocrites Who Try To Defend Sin, I Preach That We Can Live Holy & Obey God & Sin Is NOT Inevitable!

Univ of Central Arkansas: Female Homosexual Apologizes For Her Behavior, Veteran's Dad Dies Unexpectedly Today And Is Blessed By My Preaching, Exalting Jesus

University of Central Arkansas: Quiet Day At First, Then 2 Hypocrites Defend Sin, Helps Draw A Crowd, Then One Of The Most Vile Homosexuals Riles Up The Growing Crowd

Univ of Arkansas: Two Great Conversations w/ An Atheist & Catholic, Heckler w/ A Large Megaphone Gets Shut Down by Admin, Small Crowd of About 10 Students Gather & Ask Questions

Univ of Arkansas: Thief Repents And Returns My Hat, I Persuade Group of Christians That They Can Overcome All Sin In Jesus, One Student Desperate To Overcome Porn Addiction, A Great Day Even in The Cold Rain

Univ of Arkansas: Much Calmer Crowd, Great Conversations w/ Atheists, Homosexuals, Muslims, Hypocrites & Christians, Group of Flamboyant Homosexuals Make A Scene & Seek To Ban Me From Campus

Univ of Arkansas: Lots of Hypocrites Rile Up A Volatile Crowd, A Local Subscriber Joins Me, One Student Rips Off My Hat & Runs Off, Police Called, Lots of Good Questions

University of Arkansas: Great Conversations, Civil Dialogue, Calm Crowd, Later In The Day A Larger Crowd Forms, A Trans Spouts Nonsense, Jesus Christ Exalted

University of Missouri Columbia: Ministering to Some Seeking Catholics, Encouraged by A Female Christian, One Demon Possessed Student Cusses Me Out

University of Missouri Columbia: Apathy Reigns Supreme As I Preach To Thousands Who Mostly Ignore Me

University of Missouri Columbia: Great Conversation With A Young Woman About Jesus & the Bible, Preaching To Thousands of Students At Speaker's Circle

University of Missouri St. Louis: Muslims Enraged At My Preaching, They Call The Police For My "Hate" Speech, Large Crowd Eventually Forms, Several Christians Come Out To Minister w/ Me As Muslims Gnash Their Teeth

University of Missouri St. Louis: Bitterly Cold Day, Encouraging A Struggling Christian, Challenging A Student On The Veracity of the Bible, Fruitful Conversations with Christian Students

I Am Invited To Speak At Pastor Joshua's Home Fellowship Service

UI Urbana: Young Agitated Black Man Helps Me Draw Crowd, Refuting Muslims Who Try To Claim Bible Contradictions, Exposing Atheist's Folly, Exalting Jesus Christ

UI Urbana: Very Angry & Loud Student Heckles Me And Draws 1st Crowd, Then Another Crowd of Atheists, Muslims, Lesbians, Perverts & Sincere Students Form, A Demon Possessed Student Chants In Front Of Me For 2.5 Hours, Young Man Prays w/ Me & Pa

UI Urbana: Loud-Mouthed Hypocrite Helps Draw 1st Crowd, Then 2nd Crowd Much Larger, More Volatile & Hostile, One Young Woman Greatly Encouraged by The Preaching, Contending w/ Atheists, Skeptics, Muslims, Jews & Hypocrites

University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana: Calm & Civil Crowd, Pastor Joshua Helps Me Minister, One Student Boldly Preaches the Gospel, A Sincere Muslim, Lots of Great Questions

University of Illinois, Chicago: Police Violate My 1st Amendment Rights & Threaten To Arrest Me If I Keep Preaching, One Student Argues w/ The Police And Tells Them They Are Wrong To Remove Me

UW Milwaukee: A Quiet Day of Preaching, Encouraging A Brand New Born Again Christian, One Student Is Convicted To Start Open Air Preaching & I Pray For Him

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee: Drew A Large Crowd of Homos, Trans, Muslims, Atheists & Hypocrites, Student Steals My Tracts and Trashes Them So I Call Police, Lots of Great Questions

UW Madison: Demon Possessed Student Screams At Me, Throws Water At Me, Young Woman Convicted To Evangelize, Two Christian Students Encourage Me

Rising Jewish Hatred Amongst Christians, Don't Join Martin Luther In Hellfire!

UW Madison: Another Quiet Day of Uninterrupted Preaching, A Sincere Catholic Has A Lengthy Discussion w/ Me, Exalting Jesus Christ

University of Wisconsin, Madison: A Quiet Day of Uninterrupted Preaching w/ Only A Couple of Occasional Mockers

Univ of Minnesota: Rainy, Windy & Cold, I Preach And Have Two Conversations, One w/ A Homosexual, Another w/ An Agnostic, Another Evil Student Blasts Vile Music In My Face So I Call the Police & He Scurries Away

Univ of Minnesota: Draw A Small Crowd At Student Union of Hard Hearts, Then Move To Library Where An Atheist Heckler Helps Me Draw a Much Larger Crowd of Muslims, Atheists, Homosexuals, Evolutionists and Skeptics, Lots of Great Questions!

University of Minnesota: Pastor Prays For Me, Female Muslim Student Hits Me In The Face, I Call Police, Crowd Forms, Exalting Jesus Christ!

Minnesota State Univ: Quickly Draw A Crowd, Contending w/ An Atheist, Homosexuals Come Out In Force, Female Heckler w/ Mocking Sign Collapses & Students Call 911

Minnesota State University: Huge Crowd Forms As Lesbians Heckle Me (About 2 Hour Mark), Bearded Professor Explodes w/ Rage, Homosexuals & Trans Oppose Me, One Christian Students Stands w/ Me & Starts Preaching, Crowd Sobers Toward The End

Update On The Ministry: Reflections On Iowa State, Heckler Asks For Forgiveness, Holy Spirit Moves Powerfully

Iowa State Univ: Preaching in Bitter Cold 20 MPH Winds, Mocking Jesus Returns And I Preach to Him, Several Fruitful One-On-One Conversations, A Small Crowd Forms

Iowa State Univ: Student Dressed Like "Jesus" Mocks the Gospel, Hypocrite Joins Forces With Potty Mouths, Trans, A Homosexual Female "Pastor" Holds God Is Queer Sign, Huge Crowd Eventually Gets Smaller And Great Questions Emerge

Iowa State University: Large Crowd of Hundreds Gather, Hecklers Rile Up The Masses, Then Conviction Settles, At The Very End A Hush Falls On The Crowd, Couldn't Hear A Pin Drop

Iowa State University: Trumpet Heckler Returns, Angry Theist Helps Me Draw A Crowd, Red Headed Lesbian Riles Up The Crowd, Female Heckler From Last Year Returns More Subdued

Iowa State University: A Quiet Day Of Uninterrupted Preaching, An Artist Approaches Me, A Couple of Mockers Shout At Me, And a Couple Fruitful Conversations That Were After My Video Ended

USD: Atheists, Skeptics & Homosexuals Gather, Curious Christians, At One Point Silence Fills The Crowd As I Preach and Answer Questions, The Holy Spirit Moves Powerfully

University of South Dakota: 12 Mockers Sit Near Me, Draws Large Crowd, Dealing w/ Lesbians, Atheists, Hypocrites, Rebuking "Christians" Defending Their Sin, Proving the Bible True to the Skeptics (Crowd forms around the 2 hour mark)

SDSU: Very Long Conversation w/ A True Christian Student, Contending w/ the Lesbian "Christian" Again, Mockers, Atheists & Homosexuals Gather, 1 Student Plays Such Vile Music, I Decide to Leave

South Dakota State University: Catholic & Christian Hypocrites Defend Sin, Draws Crowd, Contending w/ Atheists & Homosexuals, Jesus Christ Exalted, Some Pure Hearts Approach Me To Encourage Me

South Dakota State University: One Humble Catholic, As Weather Clears I Draw A Crowd of Lesbians, Homos and Homosexual Supporters, Proving the Bible Comes From God, Some Great Questions

A Special Music Video: Preaching The Gospel

Wiping The Dust Off My Feet Of UNO, I Return To UNL: Gather A Small Crowd, Some Curious, Some Hard Hearted & A Few Hypocrites

Univ of Nebraska, Omaha: Viewer Discretion Advised, Police Try To Intimidate Me, Crowd of 150 Becomes Very Hostile, Sexual Perverts, Homos, Trans, Lesbians Cuss Me Out, Hypocrites Oppose Me, The Most Hateful, Hostile Crowd I've Ever Encountered

Univ of Nebraska, Lincoln: More Sober Crowd, Some Very Good Questions, Contending with Atheists, Hypocrites, Catholics & Witches

Univ of Nebraska, Lincoln: Lots of Mockers, 1 Student Wants to Preach & He Breaks Down In Tears As He Calls The Students To Repent, Jesus Christ Magnified

University of Nebraska, Lincoln: Lesbian Hecklers Help Me Draw Large Crowd, Dealing with Atheists, Agnostics, Hypocrites and Sexual Perverts -- Trying to Convince the Students That A True Christian Lives Holy And Stops Sinning

Wiping The Dust Off My Feet of KU, I Return To KSU: Wonderful Conversations w/ an Agnostics, a Pagan and Several Humble Students -- Even Drew A Small Civil Crowd

Univ of Kansas: Huge Hostile Crowd, Students Cheer For Their Sin Like Beasts, One Student Steals My Banner And Runs Away With It As The Crowd Screams Its Hellish Cheers

University of Kansas: Large Hostile Crowd -- Homosexuals, Atheists, Muslims, Hypocrites Rage Against the Truth, One Lesbian Explodes With Rage

Kansas State Univ: One Hypocrite Claims To Be A Born Again Sinner, Rebuking 2 More Hypocrites, Ministering To A Humble Sinner, Encouraged By A Genuine Christian

Kansas State University: Series of Great One-On-One Conversations w/ a Buddhist, Universalist, Agnostics, Muslims & Curious Christians

Univ of Colorado, Boulder: A Volatile Crowd of Agnostics, Atheists & Homosexuals, I Call The Campus Police Due To A Student Getting Right In My Face, A Great Final Day of Preaching In Colorado

University of Colorado, Boulder: Cops Advise Me, Curious Student, Christian Encourages Me, Preaching to Hundreds

Student Destroyed My Go-Pro, No Video Footage For Super-Hostile Crowd Today

Colorado State University: Large Boisterous Crowd Drawn, Atheist Goes Absolutely Berserk In Front Of Me, Jesus Christ Exalted

University of Utah: Very Angry Student Confronts Me, Giving A Tract to A Porn Addict, Exalting Jesus Christ to Hundreds

Univ of Utah: Police Kick Me Off Campus, I Call Their Captain & Am Able to Return, Gather A Small Crowd, Ministering to Lots of Atheists & Agnostics & 1 Mormon

Montana State Univ: Massive Crowd of Over 100 As I Contend w/ Mockers, Hypocrites & The Potty Mouths!

Montana State University: Apathy Broken, Filthy Kissing Lesbians Help Me Draw Large Crowd, Dealing with Perverts, Agnostics, Evolutionists & Hypocrites

Montana State University: Rebuking a Catholic & Some Hypocrites, Ministering to Some Humble Christians, A Few One on One Conversations & Lots of Apathy

University of Idaho: Agnostics, Homosexuals & Mockers Gather As I Exalt Jesus In The Rain, One Demon Possessed Student Goes Absolutely Crazy In Front of Me

University of Idaho: Some Good Conversations At First, Then the Sexual Perverts Gather, Dealing w/ Mockers, Luke Warm Christians and the Vile

Washington State University: Hypocrite Female Returns, Homosexual Taunts Me, Pro-Choice Student Spouts Confusion

Washington State University: Another Rainy Day, Muslims Almost Assault Me, Sinner Spits on My Banner, Several Fruitful One-on-One Conversations, One Humble Christian Student Prays For Me

Washington State University: Even In The Rain, Large Boisterous Crowd Forms As I Contend w/ Sexual Perverts, Agnostics, Muslims & Hypocrites

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