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Evangelist Daniel John Lee

And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."



Investigative Reporting - Exposing Pedophiles 



December 2018


 POTUS, Q, Darkness to Light, Elites on Twitter, Hanukkah Begins Tonight


Q's 10 Days of Darkness, POTUS vs Obama, Last Gasp of Shadow Govt

Nationwide 911 Outage, Blue Lights Over NYC


Pray for Pres Trump Like Never Before!!!!


POTUS is Done With Mueller, Follow Up on Missing Elites

POTUS Ambushed Elites on Xmas Day???

Satanic Pedophile Trudeau, Sealed Indictment, Elites Go Silent

X22, First Alarm, Q, 2019 And What to Expect

Arlington Corruption, POTUS Human Trafficking & Wall, Clintons Exposed by NBC

POTUS Speaks, 69405 Indictments, Pedophile Spacey

POTUS Smacks Down FED, Flynn Darkness to Light

Pedophile Army General, Ginsberg on Death's Door

Aquino, Military Sources, TRUTH of US Military

Satanic Human Sacrifices on USA Military Bases

Cheney, Clinton, Pence Conspiracy Against POTUS, Q, Economic Future

 Q Drop & CIA Child Sex Trafficking ISIS Creation

Q's Ticking Clock, Whitaker, Globalist Empire Meltdown

Q, POTUS, Andrew Jackson, CPS Abuse, Satanic Bankers

Q, Sullivan Hates Mueller, FBI Tour Finished NOW

Satanic Pedophile Monetary System COLLAPSING

Satanic Ritual Blood Altars Beneath Federal Reserve

Flynn Ensnares MSM & Satanic Pedophile Elites

POTUS Extends EO 13818 Blocking Property of Human Trafficking!!

Flynn Outwits Satanic Pedophiles, Delays Sentencing

Major NY Child Sex Ring Busted, Sick Child Marriages, Pray for FLYNN!

Breaking News For Flynn!!! Court Docket: 1:17-cr-00232-EGS

Detroit Archbishop BLOCKING SRA Survivors From Compensation

DC Tunnels Shut Down NOW, Pedophile Disney, Miracle Healing at Prayer Group

GITMO Military Planes NOW, Obama's Emails, Arlington Closed

Gen Flynn Exposing Deep State Satanic Pedophiles: Breaking News

Chelsea Clinton & Satanism, Boy Scouts, And More!

2 Huge Prison Barges Headed to Gitmo NOW

Fiona Barnett Exposes Eli Priest

Child Sex Abuse in Baptist Churches: Dec 13, 2018

DC Circuit: Whole Floor Sealed Off: Grand Jury NOW

Huber: Death Penalty Needed for Child Sex Traffickers

Charges Against Flynn Will Be Dropped Tomorrow

Why Huber Did Not Testify at Clinton Hearing Today

BOOM! Testimony Right Now Exposing Clintons Dec 13, 2018

Judge Sentencing Flynn Demands to See FBI Docs! HUGE BOMBSHELL!

Theresa May to Resign: Breaking News

Explosive Hearing Clinton Whistleblowers Tomorrow Dec 13

3rd Highest Ranked Cardinal Guilty of Pedophilia

Hannity Mentions Sealed Indictments, Q, Google in Panic, Podesta Desperate

Aborted Babies Used as Food Additives: Satanic Pedophile Sick Scheme!

Satanic Pedophile Talmudic Dedication 3rd Temple Altar

How Q, POTUS Double-Cross The Satanic Pedophiles, Breaking News Dec 10, 2018

Satanic Pedophile Comey's Unraveling Confession!!!

       POTUS Signs New Law: Trillions Taken from Child Sex Traffickers!

Satanic Pedophile Disney World Park Needs To Be SHUT DOWN!

Pence the Pedophile to be Replaced

CFO Exposes Satanic Pedophile Clinton Foundation, How Q Works

Bush Sr's Execution: A Prophetic Message to My Enemies


T-Minus 1 Day to 77th Pearl Harbor Anniversary



USA Child Marriages, Pres Trump's Tweet

Solomon Exposes Comey, Another Obama Era Official Bites the Dust!

Michael Flynn's Exoneration So Close!

Satanists Shut Down CERN For Two Years

CIA Whistleblower: Satanic Pedophiles Going Down D7

Huge Clinton Donor Indicted Dec 4, 2018

Right In The Heart of West Hollywood

Deep State,Bush Sr. vs Pres Trump's Countermove

MASSIVE Breakthrough in 9-11 Investigation Dec 1st 2018

Updates, Testimony, Exploring Cave

305th Deploys to Gitmo: Military Tribunals Coming

Satanic Pedophile Comey has 5 Folders on Hillary's Child Sex Crimes

Breaking News for Dec 3rd, Q, and 11-11 Unexplained Seismic Activity

 Bush Sr, Prophecy, POTUS, Q, Christmas, Hanukkah


November 2018


POTUS, Acosta, Epstein: Perfect Plan to Bring Down Satanic Pedophiles

FBI Raids Whistleblower on Clinton Foundation: The Satanic Pedophiles are Terrified!

Q Drop: Locked and Loaded to take Down Satanic Pedophiles

Huge Praise Report and Testimony!!!!!

Look what President Trump Just Tweeted

Dec 5th, Q, Julian Assange's Testimony: Satanic Pedophiles Brought Down

Pedophile Soros vs Facebook: Civil War

Assange, Webb, Imminent Court Dates

UN Responsible for 60,000 Rapes of Children

POTUS Shuts Down US-Mex Border, Tear Gas Fired

Assange in Virginia/Maryland, at Camp David Right Now

Satanic Pedophile Clintons Are In BIG Trouble

POTUS Using Assange to Expose Satanic Peophiles

POTUS Moves to Strike Down CIA Satanic Pedophiles


Founding Fathers, 1st Amendment, Street Preaching

 1st amendment   


Hillsong Australia = Satanic Pedophiles

Q: Dec 5th: Clinton Foundation Exposed

Ex CIA Agent Exposes Pence the Pedophile

Pres Trump Gives Whitaker Free Rein Over Pedophile Mueller

John's Sign from White House Event, Updates

Pres Trump Curbs Child Sex Trafficking on Border

   Assemblies of God=mind control child sex trafficking, satanic pedophiles

Satanic Pedophile Theresa May Under Fire Brexit Crisis

The Ultimate Endgame in Defeating Satanic Pedophiles

Alaska Satanic Jesuit Pedophiles Exposed

I Admonish President Trump re hindu festival of lights

Q's 3 Step Plan to Bring Down Satanic Pedophiles

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Advocates Pedophilia and Child Sex Trafficking

Billy Graham Satanic Pedophile: MORE WITNESSES COME FORWARD

POTUS Refuses to Shake Pedophile Trudeau's Hand  

Final Remarks on White House Event: Back in Juneau, Alaska 

Crokin's Hillary Prediction for 11-11 and Rosenstein Flips! 

Will Pres Trump Fire Rod Rosenstein Nov 9?

Sessions, Whitaker & My Final Video Before DC Nov 9 Event

New Acting Attorney General Would Indict Clinton

The TRUTH Behind Trump's Pence and Pelosi Comments

Mysterious Deaths, 100% Proof of Tunnels ORAL ROBERTS UNIVERSITY

Senate Red Wave; FISA Will Bring Down The House!

Voting for 2018 Mid Terms Part 1 of 3,  Part 2 of 3Part 3 of 3


New Patriot Anthem: Dedicated to President Trump and Q


FASTING & PRAYER: Nov 9, Oral Roberts, Pence

Q Quotes Ephesians 6:10-18: Thank You Q

Theresa May the Pedophile and Pedophile Protector

The TRUTH About President Trump and Child Sex Trafficking

More Huge Prayer Requests Answered: Report on SRA Survivor Jason

Pedophile Alec Baldwin Arrested / Correcting my Alec Baldwin Story

The Return of Q: Domino Effect

Pres Trump Preparing GITMO for Satanic Pedophile Elites


October 2018


Maine Police Chief Rapes 4 Year Old: Needs to be Executed

Operation Oct 31st: 8th Day Sukkot: Updates

Leaked Oct 28th: DOJ Memo Exposing Mueller for His Crimes

Slaughter at Synagogue Used to Blame Q and Trump

Alleged Bomber is a registered DEMOCRAT

  MSM Blames MAGA Supporter for Bombs! WRONG!

 Maxine Waters the Pedophile Protector

Pedophile Deep State Mails Itself Bombs to Frame President Trump

   Q's Vanishing Act, Skyfall, The Turning Point

63 Dead Fetuses Detroit Funeral Home CRIMNAL!!

What Happened to Julian Assange???

Chuck Grassley HUGE BOMBSHELL on Hillary Clinton Oct 20, 2018

Clintons & Huma Abedin Child Sex Trafficking in Michigan

Hillary Court Docket Case: 1:14-cv-01242


  How We Prayed for Pres Trump During Yom Kippur Zoom Meeting

4 Hour Zoom Prayer Meeting VICTORY!!!!  


Trump Threatens Mexico: Child Sex Trafficking

CIA PEDOPHILES Push Psychology: Sigmund Freud the Pedophile


Operation Tear Down the Enemy: T-Minus 1 Day Till Yom Kippur


Michael Flynn vs Mike Pence

Trump Assassination Plot Linked to Child Sex Trafficking Ring

100% Proof Stephen Colbert is a Pedophile

Mass Arrests Timeline, Liz Crokin, Julian Assange

Oct 9, 2018: Pope Francis Sexual Abuse Deaf Orphans

Another VICTORY!! Oct 13: Trump Policy: Life Begins at Conception!!!!

Obama Admin Child Sex Trafficking

Bush Sr, Clinton, Obama: CIA Child Sex Trafficking MORE PROOF!!!

 VICTORY!!! Child Toy With Sex Hotline BACKS DOWN!!!!

We Can Save Over 100,000 Children Will NOT Cost A Dime!!!!!!!

Missing Malaysian Plane, Vatican, Child Sex Trafficking COVERUP!

Children's Toy with SEX HOTLINE On Package!!!!

Trump Order Issued Oct 11, 2018: End Child Sex Trafficking

English Queen a Pedophile!!! Vancouver, BC Child Sex Trafficking

CPS and Foster Care: Child Sex Trafficking!!!!

Q Drop and Skyfall: What Do You Guys Think??

I Have To Read This Email Someone Sent Me!!!!!

Trump Confronting Rosenstein This Week Over FISA DECLASS!!!

Boy Scouts National Director is a Pedophile!!!!

Clarification on Putin and Child Sex Trafficking

100% Proof Trump Agrees With Me About Executing Satanic Pedophiles

Spirit of Revival Sweeps The USA!!!

Trump Says YES TO Q!!!!!!!

Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed This Shabbat (Saturday)

Robert Mueller Son of Heinrich Mueller: Nazi PedophilesPhotos of Pedophile Heinrich Mueller and Robert Mueller Compared

US Senate Orders 9-11 Declass: Bush Cabal Crashing Down???.

SRA Survivor Testifies Satanic Pedophilia Under Temple Mount Jerusalem

The Bush Cabal vs The Clinton Cabal

Oct 3rd Emergency Broadcast Test: What You Need To Know

Pence+NXIVM+Pena+Senator Tester=Plot Against POTUS

Pedophile Pence's Attempted COUP Against Trump Last Spring

Q Drop: Arrest Those LARPERS Threatening POTUS!!!


September 2018


Washington DC Satanic Pedophile Tunnels

Veterans Today Article Exposes Pedophile Antonin Scalia

Jeff Flake the Pedophile: Solving the Kavanaugh Riddle

Threats Against Me For Jim Carrey YouTube

Pedophile Protector Mike Pence: Proof and Sources


White House Petition: Take Down The Satanic Pedophiles, New Petition


Nov 9 White House INCREDIBLE NEWS!!!!

McDonalds Pedophile Satanic Coverup

Exposing Eli Priest Who Smears SRA Victim: Written Proof

Tweeting POTUS

Eli Priest Protects Satanic Pedophile Jim Carrey

MAJOR UPDATES On Nov 9, 2018 White House Event

Satanic Pedophile, Baby Murdering Oral Roberts, Kenneth Copeland



Responding to Critics of Victor's Interview -- Ex-Master Mason EXPOSES The Freemasons 


Jim Carrey: Highest Luciferian Pedophile in Hollywood

  Sept 27, 2018: Operation Tweet POTUS!!!!  

Pedophile James Comey is TOAST!!!!!!

I Bought My Airplane Ticket: This Is Happening

100% Proof James Comey Will Be Indicted

My Plan To Take Down the Luciferian Pedophiles

The Redemption of General Michael Flynn

Upcoming Interview with VeganMikey and a WARNING

Why I Am Defending Bush Sr. Court Docket Docs

POTUS Declassified FISA Docs!!!! VICTORY!!!!

Bush Sr. Court Docket #: C-186-RV3-524

AZ Luciferian Pedophile Ring: Exposing Keith and Rachel Krause

Ohio Kasich Sold His Own Daughters Into Pedophilia!!!

Assange Will Bring Down Hillary Clinton Oct 21st

Update on Connie and Ohio Child Sex Trafficking Ring

Trump Strikes Back Against Pedophiles

Cuomo and New York's Child Sex Trafficking Ring Exposed

 Breaking Free From Slave Mentality: Global Reset 2nd Video 

Pedophile Obama FULLY EXPOSED, Rockefeller Text Log

Q: FISAgate Coming VERY SOON!!!

Global Currency Reset: Destroying Luciferian Pedophiles

VICTORY! Ohio Luciferian Pedophiles Running Scared!!!!

Q Drop 2128: Obama and Hillary's Downfall

Mike Pence: Pedophile and Freemason

Kasich and Ohio's Child Sex Trafficking Ring Exposed

Trump Tweets TREASON: Hammer About to Drop 

Kasich ADMITS McCain Executed!!!!

Kavanaugh Pedophile Protector Part 1 of (2), Part 2

Judge Kavanaugh: Murderer and Pedophile Protector

Why Trump Was Forced to Hide McCain's Execution

More Intel Drops Tonight; Clarification on Things

Q's "Red October"  


August 2018


Netflix Under Investigation for Pushing Pedophilia

Pope's Docket # For 2014 Conviction

Bush Sr, W, Bernie Sanders Are Pedophiles/Warrant for Pope BOMBSHELLS!!!

Robert Mueller Protects Pedophiles!!!!!

Pedophile Protector McCain Executed: 1 Down, 44,999 to go!

Trump Goes After Hillary!!! I told you so!!!!

Top Ranking Inside Govt Source Confirms: It's Going Down!!!

QAnon Movie Trilogy Confirms Pedophile Indictments Timeline

Morgan Freeman and Asia Argento Are PEDOPHILES!!!

Jack Nicholson, Kirk Douglas, Warren Beatty Are Pedophiles!!!!


Illuminati Kabbalah: 6 Points For Global Takeover


Pedophile Hillary Clinton to be Arrested Before Nov 11, 2018

Video Footage of Torn Fiber Optic Cable

My Internet Fiber Optic Cable Was Cut Outside My House

45,000 Indictments Proven True With Recent Headlines!!!! 

45,000 Indictments For Top Hollywood Pedophiles and Others!!!


Essay: How Smashing of Hollywood Pedophilia Fits Into Biblical Prophecy 


   Steven Spielberg Raped and Murdered Heather

Billy Graham the Serial Pedophile

Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage All Pedophiles!!!!

Antonin Scalia, Bruce Willis, Tommy Lee Jones All Pedophiles!!!

Voodoo Doughnuts, Hillsong, Robert De Nero Are All Pedophiles! 

Isaac Kappy and Sarah Ruth Ashcraft: Exposing Pedophilia in Hollywood

Major Actor Crispin Glover Exposes Pedophile Spielberg


July 2018 


Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg Are Pedophiles