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And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write -- These things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the Key of David, He that opens, and no man shuts, and shuts, and no man opens.  I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept My Word, and have not denied My Name . . ."


Investigative Journalism Anniversary - Year One

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31st July 2018 - 31st July 2019

Investigative Reporting - Exposing Pedophiles 


July 2019


Fire Commissioners Demand New 9-11 Investigation, New Epstein Transcripts Hit MSM


Photos of RIBS Disney Epstein Island, Vatican Started Islam, Q's Godfather III

Navy Intel: Next 6 Weeks, RBG, Marker 1 & 8 Step Plan

Declass Released on Wednesday? Epstein & Charlie Rose

Epstein Pilots Subpoenaed, Ratcliffe Appointment, Obama's Embezzlement

Trump: Let's Go After Obama, Mother Theresa was a Child Trafficker

Feinstein & Epstein, Military Insider Pete on DC Operations

Disney Cruise Line, Epstein Island, Numerous Ventilation Ducts!

Barr Reinstates Death Penalty, Epstein News, Clintons, Q Drops

Q & POTUS: Truth A Force of Nature, Walt Disney World Pedophilia, ICE Announcement


Year of the Boomerang: Total Collapse of Mueller's Hoax


Child Porn on Pentagon Computers, CPS Kidnapping

RBG Deep Fake Video, POTUS Deals Huge Blow to Deep State Pedophilia

Ginsburg Info, 17 CIA Spies in Iran, Tim Holmseth on Abel Danger

Bones Beneath Vatican, Epstein Govt Aircraft, DC Mysterious Military OP

   China Lake, Nukes, 1000s of Children Rescued

Epstein Temple, Isaac Kappy, 2000 pgs of sexual abuse docs

Q Watch 19, Epstein Staggering Amount of Names, Evergreen

Repost: Navy Intel Source: "Q Team" From Ike to Trump

US Navy Destroyer near Epstein Island, Military DC Planes Go Dark, Anaheim Blackout

Epstein Spin, NYC "42" Blackout Wheels Up Bill Clinton

Navy Intel Contact: Marker One (MO) 4th of July -- The War Has Begun

NYC Plunges Into Darkness, Q Operation, ICE Raids Begin at Dawn, GITMO Televised

Multiple Arrests Prove Satanic Pedophile Network Collapsing Globally

Google Opposes Sex Trafficking Laws That Would Protect Children

Ehud Barak & Chuck Schumer Caught in Epstein Scandal

New Q: Lucrative Fetus & Organ Black Market Behind Abortion, DNC Never Hacked

Acosta Bombshell: Epstein & CIA, July 19, Murdered Arkansas Senator Exposing Child Sex Trafficking

Bill Clinton, Under Age Girls, Epstein Plane, Flynn Updates


Q Waterfall - The Collapse of The Entire Satanic Pedophile Network


Epstein Pleads Not Guilty = Wall to Wall Coverage of Child Sex Trafficking Trial To Come!

Pelosi Daughter Panics, Epstein Case = Mother of All Bombs, Iran Wants to Negotiate

Q's Pence Countdown, POTUS Airport Gaff, More Epstein News, California Redemption

JFK Jr in DC, Epstein Arrested, RBG is Dead, Alaska Gov Rebukes Abortionists


 4th of July DC POTUS Speech Part 1 of 2, Part 2 of 2


Linda & Steve Run into JFK Jr at Trump Hotel

Subscribers (Linda & Steve) Invite Me to DC Trump Hotel

Preaching in Front of The White House

RBG's Fake Appearance, Russia, Pence, POTUS & EU Emergency

Safe in Seattle: Friends and Prayer

17 Epic POTUS Steps into North Korea


June 2019


 Latest Epstein Update & I'm Going to DC

Navy Intel: Deep State, RBG & 4th of July DC Event

Q Says Ready as do Most Major Military Branches, PA Bans Child Marriages

New Q Drops: "Be Ready" & Dalai Lama Screams The Loudest!

POTUS Tweet on Pedophiles, Barr on Bagpipes: Something About To Begin

Putin's 2017 Stunning Statements Against Satanic Pedophilia

Facebook Tyranny, Mueller to Testify, Drag Queen in Churches

Barr's DOJ Makes 1st Arrest, Nunes Suing Twitter, Flynn's Exoneration

Mexico sending 15,000 Troops to Border, Epidemic of USA Child Sex Trafficking

Strzok Protected Hillary, 80 Arrested in Human Trafficking Sting

Industrial Military Complex Exposed, Scientology Ties to Clinton State Dept

POTUS Fakes out Deep State, American Human Trafficking Worst in the World


9th Circuit Court Hands POTUS Huge Victory


  Pompeo/Ivanka Human Trafficking Report, Israel Blocks Access to 1700 Pedo Websites

Scientology, Dalai Lama, HRC: The Storm is Now

Pushing Past MSM Spin on NXIVM

Exposing Human Fetal Tissue Research & Trust Wray

Military Insider Pete & POTUS Vow Removing Millions of Illegals

Obama Exposed, Trump on 9-11, Disney VP Convicted Pedophile


   Hollywood Film: 'A Child's Voice' Exposes Satanic Child Sex Trafficking   


POTUS Rebukes Deep State & DS Attempts "Event"

NXIVM Rabbit Hole, Lesbian turns to Messiah

POTUS Traps His Enemies, Update on Timothy Holmseth

Netflix Pushes Pedophilia AGAIN, Mexico Cracks Down on Caravans

Assange Update, Gen Flynn on Offense, Schiff Lies!

Lesbians Murder 9 Year Old in Botched Transgender Attempt

Scope of Durham's Investigation & New Info on Murdered Linda Collins-Smith

1700 Pedophiles Arrested, Trump-hating Dr. Pizza Arrested

Helicopter Crash to Nam: Deep State Desperate to Cover Its Tracks

Meadows Exposes FBI, POTUS Mex Victory, 22 Pedophiles Arrested


From Rodham to Collins: 10 Dead/Missing in 72 Hours 


 Snapchat Pro-Pedophilia, CPS Corruption, My Disagreement with POTUS

Mexico Freezes Human Trafficking Bank Accounts

Arkansas Senator's Murder & CPS/DHS

POTUS Bans Aborted Fetal Tissue, Several Victories Against Human Trafficking

Alabama to Castrate Pedophiles, Hillary Wanting to Flee

Major POTUS Victory, Plannned Parenthood Provided Prostitutes

Sweden Refuses Assange Extradition, POTUS Trolls Deep State

POTUS Won't Bow Before Crown, Feds Pursuing Epstein, Stone Demands Brennan Hanging

Obama & Comey Panic, Charges Dropped Against Assange

Former Satanist: Satanic Rituals inside Abortion Clinics

William Barr: Huber Nears End of Clinton Probe


 May 2019


FBI Saves Over 200 Children, International Pedophile Ring Busted

Mueller Mutes Anti-Barr Chorus


 Deep State Trying to Start a Civil War?  


Confusing the Deep State: Joe diGenova vs Q

Fraudulent FISA & Comey Ignoring Child Sex Crimes

MSM Collapsing, POTUS Reminder of Military Tribunals

Declass Ordered & Deep State Pushes Back 


  President Trump Orders Full Declass!!!!!!  


Twitter Reinstates @StormIsUponUs, Medical Kidnappers Falsifying Results

@StormIsUponUs Permanently Banned, Solomon Files Motion to Unseal Wrongdoing

115 Miles vs 1.7 Miles of Wall -- More Media LIES

Quentin Tarantino Defends Satanic Pedophile Polanski

When Do Birds Sing? Lynch Turns on Comey just as Q Predicted

How We Foiled Comey's False Flag Grass Valley Attack

Sexualized Child Sites on Facebook, Unplanned Causing Abortion Workers to Leave

POTUS vs MSM Lies, Justin Amash China Connection

Major MI Human Trafficking Ring Busted, Sweeping Pro Life Victories


  My Personal Conversations with Isaac Kappy  


 RFK Jr Opposes Vaccines, Gen Flynn Update, Kershaw Helps Child Sex Trafficking Victims

Italy Giving up Brennan, NXIVM & Schumer's Financial Records

Declass To Expose Assassination Attempts, Ruth Ginsburg Update

Obama, Comey, Brennan, Clapper All Turning on Each Other!

Pro Life Victory in AL & MI Senate, Trump's Gold Standard Fed Appointment

Isaac Kappy Declared He Was Not Suicidal

Trump's Motorcade in Accident, Kappy's Death

Barr Appoints Durham, Huber Nears Completion, Rosenstein Rips into Comey

Ontario Gender Bill, Former Disney VP Convicted of Pedophilia, Epstein Update

Assange Update, Q's Boom Week, Cannes Sex Trafficking Horror

Another Unsealed Indictment, Graham Pushing to Declass Key Doc  

Huckabee Tweets POTUS: Military Tribunals At Gitmo

POTUS Exposes Human Trafficking, Update on NXIVM

Sex Trafficking Sting, GA Gov Stands Against Hollywood, 9th Circuit POTUS Victory

Big Pharma Arrests, Comey Panic, Obama Spying Undeniable

FL & AZ Medical Kidnappings, POTUS Deals Major Blow to Child Sex

Trafficking Hub

CNN Drops 26%, Senators Demand Investigation of CIA

NBC Lies About Measles, Child Recycling, Love w/Trump Supporters

Nunes Exposes Lying Mueller, Austin Jones Pedophile Sentenced

POTUS Drops Bomb on Comey, Numerous Satanic Pedophiles Arrested

Timothy Holmseth Update: Please Pray

Q: Destruction of the Old Guard, AL Pro Life Bill, Exposing Melbourne Sex Trafficking

More Intel from Pete: How to Prepare

Comey Utter Panic in Op-Ed Against POTUS

Overblown Measles Panic Covering for Fake Ebola Panic

Deadman's Switch, Operation OX: Intentional Release of Plague


April 2019


Rosenstein Resignation Letter: May 11, 2019

Update Deadman's Switch, Shipp: Failed Coup Attempt Against Trump

Is Comey Preparing Another False Flag?

WA State Legalizing Human Composting, PSU Pedophile Arrested

Latest Q Drop & Downfall of Mike Pence

Sex with Children Has Become Big Business in America

Clinton Connected Dem Arrested for Pedophilia

Q, X22, The Last Resort

POTUS Breaking Down the Swamp Across the Board!

Thousands of Boy Scout Leaders Face Child Sex Allegations

Judicial Watch Brings Hammer Down on Obama

Cali School Teaching Pedophilia, Deep State Desperate to Distract

Irish Journalist Investigating Missing Children Murdered

Tables Are Turning on the Witch Hunt 


     Declass Coming, Major Companies Abandon PP & Messiah the Firstfruits


Q Drop 3315 & The Real Russia Collusion

NXIVM & Hillary Clinton, Media Meltdown On Mueller Report

Epstein in MORE Trouble, POTUS Megaphone for Judicial Watch!

Judicial Watch Proves Obama Let In Human Traffickers

Notre Dame, Al-Aqsa Mosque & Mueller Report

Sundance Film Festival Co-Founder Charged with Pedophilia

POTUS: Investigate the Investigators, Epstein Court Docs Unsealed, Challenging Vaccine Order!

Update on Deadmans Switch, Ohio Pedophile Mayor Pleads Guilty

Julian Assange Arrest Video Footage

Q: We Have the Source, NYC Vaccine Tyranny, RCC Sexual Abuse History

Assange, Obama Counsel Indictment, MN Child Sex Sting

Cannibal Club in L.A., 8 Year Old Girls Receiving Testosterone!

Bill Barr Testifies Spying Did Occur on POTUS

Comey in Deep Trouble, POTUS Reshaping Courts!

Blockade Gone: Barr & Nunes, QMAP Human Trafficking Arrests

Ukrainian Evidence, Flynn Leaks: More Trouble for Obama

Allison Mack Pleads Guilty, Nunes Sending 8 Criminal Referrals

Child Recycling Rings, NY Supreme Court Overturns Medical Martial Law

Mally Mall Human Trafficking & Obama in Deep Panic

12 Huge Recent Bombshells Proving Q & POTUS True!

Abortion, Child Sex Trafficking, Illegals Abusing Children

RBG and Fake Trump Supporters

RBG's Temple Sinai, Huber Probe Shrouded in Mystery

POTUS Says Treason, Tim Holmseth Update, DOD Orders $250 Million Worth of Gas Masks

POTUS Baits The Dems Into Demanding Declass

SWAT Team Storms AZ Home For Unvaccinated Children

Barr Upset w/ Failed Hillary Probe, RBG Sighting on Mar 31st


March 2019


President Trump Unchained: Going After Obama First

POTUS to Close Border, Obama+Hillary+Smollet+Epstein

POTUS, Smollett & Child Sex Trafficking, Schiff & Liddle Kids Foundation

POTUS Vows to Declass: Q's Storm Now a Hurricane

Threats Against POTUS, I-68 Shut Down


Mueller Knew POTUS Innocent Summer 2018!


Neon Revolt: RBG's Doctored Audio File

POTUS Tweets WSJ: Obama Must Be Held Accountable

Q: Arrest of Major Pedophile, Mosque Investigated for Child Marriages

Q & POTUS: We're Going After These Criminals

Masonic Lodge Busted, Mueller Report a Whitewash

Mueller Delivers Final Report, Q Goes Mainstream

HRC Contradicts Herself, Pro Life Victory in MS

POTUS Defeats ISIS, General Flynn's Banner, Message of Hope!

HRC & Rachel Chandler, Aborted Babies Vaccines, POTUS Victory

Ukraine Opens Clinton Probe, Obama WH Counsel in Trouble

Q 21 Day Countdown A Bust? No!

Monster Doctor, Houston Library, Pro Life Victory in New Mexico

POTUS Tweets Hannity: Indictments Coming!

KY Workers Illegally Taking Children, POTUS Tweets Q!

Evil KY Judge, US Child Brides, Liz Crokin on College Scandal

POTUS Vetos Congress: Q's Time Clocks

Q: Clinton & Obama DOJ Collusion, Ohio Defunds Planned Parenthood

Day of Reckoning, Betrayal of 12 Senators, Holmseth Update

Navy Ship Quarantine, NXIVM Pleads Guilty, Ginsburg Voice

Grounding 737's & Bio Weapon Threat, Going After Obama First


Timothy Holmseth in Jail for 45 Days


Q: POTUS Trolls Lisa Page, RBG Still Dead, Much More to Come

Q: Unsealing Indictments, Hollywood Silent, Obama in Trouble!

Hannity: It's All About Happen, Q, British Govt Exposed

Pathologist Accused of Harvesting Babies, Mom Pleads for Her Twins

Q Countdown, POTUS Tweets, Shall We Play A Game?

Car Almost Hits POTUS, Flynn Exoneration, Seattle Trafficking Ring Busted

Q, Hannity: "Buckle Up", Deep State Crumbling, Military Insider Update on BIO Threat

Barr meets with Huber: It's All Happening

POTUS Will Use Obama to Destroy Mueller; Girl Scouts & Planned Parenthood

Q, Denver Airport, Alabama Unborn Baby Turning Point

Q & Hannity Sources: Justice is Finally Coming

POTUS Threatens Declass, Q, Border Crisis

CNN Starts Sounding Like Q: Tide is Turning

  Hillary Not Running in 2020, Trudeau's Sinking Ship

Q Explains Whitaker Exit, Mueller Report March 26, PURIM Victory Incoming!

HHS Harvesting Children, Foster Care Evils, DS Swamp

NBC, HRC & Pedophile Rings, Q Drop 2939

Deep State Panic, POTUS Tweets, Q Drop 2937

POTUS CPAC Speech, Q Tick Tock Countdown

Q Drop 2912: POTUS -- It's Time!!!!

NXIVM: New Criminal Charges Pending


February 2019


A List Actor Tweets Q, Lawsuit Against NY Abortion Law

POTUS Visits Alaska, Trudeau & Netanyahu: Deep State Crumbling

POTUS Defies Deep State Expectations, Illinois Abortion Bill, Iowa Catholic pedophiles

 Q's 21 Days, Deadman Switch, POTUS Go Orders

Infanticide, POTUS, EO, Q Drop Ginsburg & Scalia

Update on Bioweapons Threat: 3 Million Americans in Danger

Dead Judge on 9th Circuit Exposed, Walkout in Hollywood

Wall Ahead of Schedule, POTUS Defies CIA Created ISIS

Gowdy Talks Tribunals, Baby Parts Traffickers Arrested, Q on Maher

Q, RBG Hoax, Bioweapon Threat: Tying It All Together  

POTUS Confirms Q, Patriots Owner Human Trafficking Ring Busted

Mueller Final Report, Q Drop Special Elections/Voter ID

Yes, Ruth Ginsburg is Still Dead, Q Declass Coming!

Chenah Hot Springs: Vacation Video

Ice Castle Museum in Alaska: Vacation Video

Whitaker to STAY, Q Blitz: Barr Exposes Mueller

Vacation Video: Dog Mushing in Fairbanks!

Vacation Video: The Pump House Saloon

Ruth Ginsburg, Q Warning of False Flags, MSM Propaganda   

 Museum of the North & Tzit-Tzit Numbers 15:38-41

McConnell Supporting POTUS: National Emergency and Wall Incoming!

Ice Sculptures and Singing Praises to Yah!!!

Inside Intel: Texas National Guard, Del Rio, Border Crisis

Epic Train Ride: Part 1 of 5, Part 2 of 5, Part 3 of 5, Part 4 of 5, Part 5 of 5


Soaring over Alaska: My Vacation Begins...


Just Had to Share Before I Leave....

POTUS, RBG Trap, Q, National Emergency

Forced Vaccines, Q, Barr, Kavanaugh, Ginsburg

Bio Weapons, IPOT, Military Insider & Human Trafficking

Whitaker in Control, Iowa Reverses Decision, NM Approves Baby Murder

Iowa Bans Most Abortions! HALLALUYAH!

Dems Block Anti-Baby Murder Bill

POTUS at 76% Approval, Epstein Probe Re-Opened

Military Insider, Ebola, Deep State Counter Attack


POTUS Live stream on Child Sex Trafficking RIGHT NOW

The Preview for Dnajlion7 -- Interview Coming This Sunday!

POTUS State of the Union Address: Utterly Spectacular!! 


US Navy P-8A TIGER14 POTUS & Tiger Woods

Elton John: Satanic Peophile, Washington Post LIES About Ginsburg

John of God Satanic Pedophile, Oprah Winfrey, Liz Crokin Exposes

POTUS Sends 3750 Troops To Border, Endgame for Abortion

POTUS Speaks: Superbowl and Human Trafficking

Q Drop, F-15, POTUS WH.Gov, PP's Demise

 Funeral Hearse Leaves Ginsburg Estate

POTUS Taking 9th Circuit, Military Bio-Weapons Update, Superbowl Sting


January 2019


  Dem Party Facing Extinction Over Child Sex Trafficking

Barr Delayed, POTUS Wins, Graham Rebukes Mueller, Vaccine Fraud

Fake QAnons Vs True Q, Anonymous, Petitions

Whitaker, Trudeau, Mueller, Ginsberg: State of the Union

Whitaker: Mueller Witch Hunt Ending: Major Victory

Exposing Senators, Companies Baby Murder, Kim Clement Prophecy

The POTUS Head Fake: Deep State Gnashing Their Teeth

Return of Bill Smith & Zionism Clarified

POTUS SOTU GO! Kamala Harris, Planned Parenthood, Baby Harvesting

Pope Attacks POTUS, N735HC Plane Number Explosive Intel, Kamala Harris

POTUS 21 Days, Q, The Wall, Endgame

New Intel Drop: Barges, Quarantine, DS, POTUS, Q

Washington Measles Outbreak: Deep State Bio Weapon Trial Run?

New Intel Drop: Bio Weapons, Rescue Teams, POTUS Go Order


Laughing at All My False Accusers: Psalm 2


Best POTUS Speech Ever: Child Sex Trafficking & Wall

Pedophile Protector Mueller Goes After Stone

Update DS Deadman's Switch, Pelosi and Kerry Threats, POTUS Response

Update Military Intel Deep State Deadman's Switch

POTUS Kicks Out Trans-Perverts, Q & White House Sinkhole 17th Street

Critical GITMO Intel, Purim White House Event, My New Itinerary

Human Sex Trafficking in University of California State System

Q is Real, POTUS Plan Against Deep State Cabal Update

Fox News Reports Ginsberg's Death

POTUS Traps Democrats, Flynn's Setting Sun on Deep State

POTUS Speech, Pelosi Plot, Mueller Defends

Child Sex Offender Illegal Immigrant, Pelosi Caught Selling Secrets!

Pelosi, Goat Hill Pizza, Satanic Pedophile Foiled!

POTUS Strikes Back, My Q Gift from Cop

Federal Courts Running Out of Money -- HallaluYAH!!!

Golden Sunset Cliffs: Gift to My Subscribers

More Photos GITMO, POTUS & Barr, Military Tribunals  

USS Midway: Gift to My Dad & Subscribers

 Satanic Pedophile Signaling at Golden Globes

Hindered at UCSD, Fiona Barnett & David Shurter

More Photos GITMO, Treason & Q, Naming Names

Military Activity Photos GITMO, Q, Feinstein Freaks Out Over GITMO

Met Subscriber Cop Who Arrests Pedophiles at Creation Museum!

POTUS Tweets on Wall & Child SexTrafficking

Major Naval Activity near Gitmo, Ginsberg Death, Comey Tweets

Q, POTUS, & Amy Coney Barrett

POTUS Signs Anti Human Trafficking Bill & Chief Justice Roberts colluded w/ Obama and Hillary

Ginsberg Death, Bush Sr Funeral, and the POTUS Plan

Comey, Podesta Silenced, Ginsberg Absent, Tribunals Continue

Tribunals Thunder Onward, POTUS Exposes Pedophile Romney

Military Tribunals Began Yesterday Jan 2nd 2019

Satanic Pedophile Romney, Sanctions are Coming from POTUS

POTUS Raids Pedophile Obama Thailand Mansion

More Proof on JFK Jr, POTUS Abolition of Human Trafficking Month, Q

JFK Jr., Q, Pres Kennedy & Trump: The Fall of the satanic cabal

POTUS Transponder Off: Are Anons Ready?   



Investigative Reporting Videos - Exposing Pedophiles