Modern day christianity opposes the Holy Bible in that it teaches:


1. We cannot live holy or obey Yah's Torah


2. We do not have an obligation to obey YahShua's Torah


Matthew 5:17-21, John 14:21-23, Romans 3:31 and Deut 30:10-15 make it very clear that we can and MUST obey every jot and tittle of the Torah of Moshe if we expect to gain eternal life with Messiah Yahshua.


Augustine of the 5th century, was a VERY EVIL man.  He wrote in his letters and confessed in "City of God" that he was a very wicked sinner and even confessed to much sin that he habitually did.  But the Bible says we must confess AND foresake all sin. Augustine freely admits he never got around to the second part.


Augustine would be used by the devil to lay the foundation for wickedness in what has become modern day christianity.

About a thousand years later, two men named Calvin and Luther rightly saw the paganism of the Roman Catholic Church which Augustine helped to promote, but they followed the SAME evil.


Calvin was a VERY WICKED MAN, who MURDERED all who opposed his silly, anti scriptural doctrines.  He conducted his own inquisition in the city of Geneva.  


Martin Luther stared out holy and pure -- rightly crying out against the WICKEDNESS of the Roman Catholic Church.  But toward the end of his life, Luther allowed his frustration with unbelieving Jews, to lead him into WICKED ANTI SEMITISM where he began advocating that all jewish synagogues should be burned to the ground.  He is also known as having said, while in exile toward the end of his life, "If I cannot get it with the wife, I will get it with my maid."  


Martin Luther died an adulteror and a VERY EVIL man, filled with murder in his heart.  Luther opposed keeping the Torah of Moshe.


These three trinity of devils have helped lay the very wicked anti-Torah foundation which undergrids much of WICKED modern day christianity.


To the Torah and the Prophets!  To the Blood Atonement of Yahshua!  To the GOSPELS!!!!


And what is the TRUE GOSPEL as YahShua promoted and as Apostle Paul clearly taught?


1. Covered by the Blood Atonement of Yahshua

2. Keep and obery every jot and tittle of the Torah of Moshe out of a love for Yahshua!



Apostle Daniel


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