All through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, we see Yahweh show us the True Bride and the False Bride.  The False Bride composed that 1st generation of Hebrews that died in the wilderness under Moshe.  The True Bride was the 2nd generation that entered the Promised Land under Yohushua!


The False Bride was King Saul.  The True Bride was King David.


In Revelation, the True Bride are the 144,000 along with the martyrs while the False Bride will be the Whore.


In my own personal life, I have seen many examples of both Brides.


Those who are in the True Bride have PURE hearts, totally unstained by guile and/or sin.




This is how to tell the difference between the True and False Brides.


As 2011 continues, we will see a larger and greater difference between the True Bride and the Whore.


The separation is going to become wider and wider!


Can people switch from the Whore, repent and become part of the True Bride? While it is possible, we are entering a season where that will become more and more difficult.  In general, those who are part of the Whore right now, will remain part of the Whore and those who are part of the Bride right now, will remain part of the Bride.  We have entered the FINAL phase of Yah purging the Bride.  It's been 2000 years in the making!  OR rather, it's been 6000 years in the making!!!!  :)



Apostle Daniel


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